Stance from wrestling


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Oct 15, 2005
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I've been thinking about training stand up (most likely boxing) and I was just wondering what I should do about my stance. In wrestling I have a right lead leg, but it boxing it would be reverse. So if I train boxing should I use left handed stance so that my right leg could still be forward? If I ever did MMA I would want my right leg forward for my takedowns. What would be the best way to go about it?
train southpaw, there are many reasons to do it, and many reasons not to. If your looking at MMA in the near or distant future, go ahead for southy. If your looking at competing in boxing, training southpaw won't hurt, it's just a decision.
thats wierd im south paw boxing and wrestling. so i would say for boxing you have way more advantage if your use to fighting south its harder for rightys to fight you. for mma if you want to stand i would say south and if you want to grapple righty. but a side note for your boxing its really usfull to be able to switch from south to right so that might be somthing you want to look in to.