Squat - Elbow Pain


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Oct 28, 2007
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Every time I squat > 100kg my left elbow starts to hurt after the set. After today the pain even spread through the biceps up to the shoulder.

Here are 2 videos (104kg)



I have tried different grip widths and tried to keep the wrist as straight as my flexibility allows, but nothing helped.

If I can't fix this I guess I'll have to switch to high bar... I really hope someone can point out what I'm doing wrong.

Oh and excuse the ghetto set up, there are not enough weights unless I tie dumbells to the bar. I'm only here another 3 weeks after that I should be able to get a proper setup.

My flexibility with the shoulder dislocation stretch is really poor. If flexibility is the issue, anything I can change with the grip to make up for that?
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Yo I was having elbow pain when I squatted alittle over a year ago too. There was a thread on here talking about keeping your wrist straight and eliminating the pain(it showed a pic with tape on the wrists) and it worked for me. Looks like thats not the case for you.
But what I do now is I dont even wrap my thumb around the bar. Dont really know if thats good or not but it works for me and i dont have any pain.
My flexibility with the shoulder dislocation stretch is really poor. If flexibility is the issue, anything I can change with the grip to make up for that?

Don't have time to check the video but generally a wider grip will help with elbow pain but in your case if the problem is flexibility I would address that by stretching a shit load more. That may solve the problem without playing around with grip aimlessly.
I would recommend:
- Thumbless grip
- Actually trying a narrower grip (it has helped with my elbow pain)
- Warm up set without pinky on the bar (relieves pressure in the elbow)
Put your palms higher on the bar with a thumbless grip and try and keep your elbows under the bar. I'm watching the video on mobile so it isn't exactly clear to me. I'll try and watch on my pc when I get home.
Thanks for the replies so far.

I am using a thumbless grip. I will try to keep the wrists straight.

Now with the elbows up/down and grip wide/close it's confusing, I hear everything. I guess I'll just have to try it out and see what works.
I got the same problem last week. I twinged my elbow doing squats, and now its really effecting my bench press and pull ups. It happened last wed, and hasnt healed yet. For some reason it doesnt effect standing press, only bench and pulls/chins. I already had a physical scheduled for tomorrow...hopefully I can get some light shined on this.

That being said, I agree with chaos. putting my palm higher on the bar seems to have helped me keep my wrists straight and not really feel the elbow pain in the squats.

I'm having (I believe) the exact issue described in the video above (tennis elbow). However, I've not been able to fix it as I don't really understand the remedy prescribed ("get your hands loose").

It helps if I spread my hands further (altough it becomes a bit awkward as I have my hands placed very near where the bar rests on the cage pins, and I'm a bit afraid I'll crush my fingers when putting the bar down), but it still is painful. Besides, I can still press the bar, I'm unable to find a position where the bar is staying on my back without help from my arms to hold it in place.

Do you guys know about some drills to maybe gain more flexibility (been doing shoulder dislocation for 18 months), or to better understand how to get my back tight so that I wouldn't really need my hands to keep the bar there ?
Thanks !