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Aug 28, 2004
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well, since searching has apparently been disabled, very sorry for this question, but i am going to start running sprints tomorrow, how much is too much? and should i run like a 100 and a couple of 40's or something? i hate fucking running
There are a few threads on this over the last couple of pages in conditioning. Have a look. Guerrilla cardio is worth a look too.

A good start is 8 x 100 m. Sprint 100m then walk or jog 100m (depending on your conditioning) then repeat it another 7 times. Don't go 100% effort unless you are used to sprinting. Try 400m when you feel confident with these.
Yeah, when in doubt, check out www.t-nation.com. They really have their shit together, and the search engine works great.
in muay thai they make us run 50 yard sprints. We will jog 50 yards and then immediatly sprint 50 yards back to starting point. As soon as we reach the other end, we jog back and sprint again. We do it 5 or 6 times. It sucks because there is no rest but it's obviously very good for us.