South Dakota does not exist.


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Dec 16, 2001
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Here's my theory on South Dakota:
It doesn't exist. I'm not too sure about North Dakota either. I think they're both government conspiracies. Think about it...have you ever met anyone from the Dakotas? I mean, really.
cant say i have
you may be right or high, i can't tell from this distance...
from a dakota?
Although I've never met anyone from N or S Dakota, I've been to both. Sorry guys, but they exist. Weird to hear, I bet, but they're out there.
nah the dakotas are just an extension of montana
Originally posted by majin bux
nah the dakotas are just an extension of montana
Is montana a real place?
my parents are both from south dakota, as are all of my relatives. it does exist and I assure you it is one of the most fucking horrible places on earth. spend a week there and you'll be on the verge of suicide. two weeks and you're allready dead.
I thought Meat lived in Montana, hes gonna be really pissed when he finds out hes been living a lie...
I think that Tiki and the Dude are either working for the government, or government agents have signed on with their screen names to try to keep the lie going. We must bring the truth to the eyes of the public!!!

I didn't know Meat didn't exsist either. Mind blowing.
Originally posted by wondermut

Is montana a real place?

i lived there for a while. it's a beautiful as far as the open country appeal. no smog really. people are cool as hell.

problem is....
i never found 1 semi-hot looking chick the whole time out there!

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