Sore Back After Deadlifting



Ok, I realise that after a good workout it should come as no real surprise that your muscles are sore, but normally i only really get sore the next day.

Today I was deadlifting and after my last work set, my back was fucking sore. Carrying the plates back to the tree one at a time was even somewhat of a task because of it.

I'm pretty new to this still and my poundages are nothing to brag about, or worse... (My worksets were 3x5 at 245lbs), but this is still fairly hard for me. I've been increasing slowly though so I was kind of surprised when my back hurt so much.

Anyways, is it normal to be very sore right away?

Also, when i'm deadlifting for reps, the first rep is always significantly harder than the rest. Does that mean I"m cheating? I let the bar just touch the ground before the next pull, but i'm pretty sure i'm not bouncing.
Set the bar down, let go, pull again. And yes, the deadlift is a lower back exercise, and as such you will feel it in your lower back. Be sure, however, that it's not a sharp pain, but if it were, you would know it. congratulations on taking the first step to successful bipedalism: strengthening the muscles around your lumbar spine.
when doing a working set the first rep is always the hardest, so don't worry, the rest won't be cheating, its just the body will be more used to the strain after the first rep
if you can use a mirror to make sure you shoulders are back, back is straight and when doing heavy lifting blocking is importent
blocking is taking in a breath and holding it in tighting up the whole mid section and not releasing the breath tillmovement is done.
also make sure you have good form on the way back down. i work in a gym and see people use perfect form the just lean over and put it back on the floor