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Jan 21, 2006
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Hi everyone, long time listener, etc.

I've noticed there's been quite a glut of these recently, but since I only recently managed to get registered on the board (no thanks to lousy Firefox, but more of that another time) and I've been itching to get some feedback, here goes.

It's a programme I've gradually pulled out of my ass after years of trial, error, patience and not listening, and I need the opinions of a bunch of anonymous people off the internet to make me feel secure about it. I've been lifting weights on and off for several years, and have about three years of experience learning muay thai (no fights). I weigh 65kg's at 5'8, and have average bodily proportions. I train alone, there being no-one else interested in muay thai around here.

The goal of the programme is to produce as much striking power as possible, with no concern for adherence to weight categories. I'm considering adding a running schedule at some point for enhanced endurance, but for now I would like to get settled into what I have arranged. It seems reasonably consistent with what is written in the sticky's. However, since
Carnal's programme appears to be exclusively based on strength training (didn't see any mention of MA training fitting in with the routine), I've stripped down the lifts to the main five.

monday: bas rutten's striking tape, the one with 10x2 minute rounds and 7x3 minutes, with 1 minutes rest. Every combination I throw I add a kick. In the minutes rest gap I do 30 push-ups, after the next round I perform 30 deep bodyweight squats, and after the next I perform 30 twisting sit-ups. I continue in this fashion through-out side one, resting during the 1-minutes on side two. I usually finish with about 50 roundhouses off each leg.

tuesday: deadlifts, seated shoulder barbell press, barbell rows all 5x5 at a fairly tough weight (80-85%). If I have the energy I try to perform an extra set (not sure about the wisdom of this). I perform the reps at a 3x0 tempo; that is, 3 seconds on the downstroke (with gravity), and an explosive upstroke. Between reps on the deadlift I leave the barbell on the ground just long enough to adjust my grip, as it usually slips slightly during the lift (see also: pussy hands).

wednesday: off

thursday: bas rutten's power tape, side 2: kicking the bag, jumping squats, wide-grip push-ups, twisting sit-ups, dumbbell curls with a weight I can just about get through the 30 seconds with, although I'm considering changing this to bent-legged rows for greater 'burn'.

friday: as monday, no exercises during rest periods

saturday: squats, bench-press, both at 5x5.

sunday: off

On paper, this seems to me mainly ok, but people have been making strange noises about 20-rep squats and deadlifts (Tsatsouline, and in a roundaboutly related way, McRobert) , and I'm getting a bit nervous about that. I'm pondering adding some assistance lifts, not entirely certain whether this is good practice or merely the result of thinking that more = more.

I've also read Urban's advice concerning starting off with higher reps and tapering down to high-weight, low reps schemes, and think this might feature, pending feedback from your good selves.


As a token of my goodwill, I found this for you all to have a good laugh at:
Sorry, I'm not great with the advice but the Pic was AWESOME. Look at the face of the bass player, hahahahahaha, that is priceless. He just looks stunned.
As you're only doing three days of bag training a week you can probably get away with training 3 days of weights a week, in which case you could go for a pull, press,squat split. I've been using this type of lifting regime along with 4 martial arts sessions a week and have been able to get a lot of carryover to my martial arts.

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