So i've got this problem


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Jan 2, 2008
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I work my jab well however when I do it I dance and stay on the outside throwing alot of straights and just keeping my distance.

Lately I have been trying to work on just brawling toe to toe fighting and I notice when I spar and in my head I want to work on standing with the guy trading I shield jump in and start throwing, and not using my jab effectively.

So basically I am having trouble jabbing when I know I just want to trade punches is this normal? Vice versa when I use my jab I feel I am to passive.... any suggestions?
I look as a jab as a couple things. Measuring stick, keeping the distance, and setting up other punches.

In the pocket up close its going to be naturally harder to land straight punches because a lot of them are smothered by such a small distance.

I don't quite get your question, maybe you can re-iderate it, but try this. Jab Jab Straight into the pocket, while covered up throw lead head hook, rear body, lead upercut, cover up and move back out/circle. Maybe this sort of "in and out" strategy will work for you. If your good at keeping distance its YOU who can dictate when its going to go toe to toe and when your going to stay on the outside.
just lead with your jab. you can still stand there and bang and use your jab at the same time.

if you want an example, watch manny pacquiao fights. he throws his jab out there almost like a distraction for his opponent or to close the distance. after the jab he throws a cross/straight then flurries while he's inside.
If you're fighting inside, its obviously going to be much harder to use straight punches. To me, it sounds you're actually just staying in eachothers range and trading shots. This is generally a bad idea. This is brawling and guys with better chins and power have the advantage. If you have the range, use the jab and box. If you're inside, work on uppercuts, bodyshots and hooks.
Use the jab to close the distance and then take advantage of naturally shorter punches like hooks and uppercuts.
Do the double punch, never works all the time. haha
The jab and straight have inside variants that are the inside jab and inside straight. So you just throw them directly off your chest without a shoulder roll but putting your body behind the punch.

I haven't trained these much since I anticipate going into a Thai clinch in my kickboxing, and I'm not a brawler type, but people tell me of sternums and ribs broken with inside 1-2s!