so I have a problem...


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Dec 31, 2006
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As I know many of you do, I like buying gear a little too much. But also all the shit I want happens to be the most expensive. I am going to start sparring this week and I need headgear and shinguards. These are what I'm looking at

when I could just get these from my school which would be easier

Also considering these items

Also I was going to order the fairtex thai style gloves for training and sparring to start
and then maybe get a pair of rival boxing sparring gloves later.

However these look pretty nice and are much cheaper, heard anything about these?
If I were going with headgear I'd get the fightgear mexican style headgear, or something like the title platinum ones you listed.

I like mexican style because you get a little bit more protection for your eyes and nose. As for MT gloves, I have no idea. I just got some Title Platinum (training) boxing gloves for sparring and they are pretty nice. VERY thick padding but look the same as any other 16oz. Great protection for my hand and my partners face.