slow off the floor in deadlifts

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    background info

    5'8", 170 lbs.
    lifting seriously for the last 2 years, preceded by a year of bodybuilder type crap.
    i pull sumo (yea yea, i know. shut up)
    i squat with a rather narrow stance, right outside shoulder width.
    i follow westside style templates.

    mon - ME pulls with DE squat variations
    wed- DE pressing,
    fri- ME squat with DE pulling
    sun- ME pressing early in the day (everything else is in the evening)

    pretty active when possible. i ride a bike 5 miles each way (20 minutes) to/from work. on days not lifting ill do something physical in addition to biking. Anything from
    cleans (though never above 70% of max unless its time for them on ME pull day, and i only do singles)
    overhead squats (im pretty weak on these though, so it isnt too taxing)
    burpees, sprints, or an hour long bike ride. thursdays i do heavy grip work in addition to one or many of these listed.

    i sleep 9 hours on average every night.
    i sit on my ass for 10 hours a day at work.
    i follow a paleo type nutrition plan.
    i deload actively every 6 weeks.

    current deadlift PR is 410. no belt, with chalk.

    i know the best thing for me to do is to pull from a defecit, by using 25lb plates, platforms, snatch grip, etc... but how should i add this into training? i am still progressing on my deadlift, so i dont want to do this on my ME days if i dont have to. the thing is i know its going to be an issue pretty soon, so why wait before i adress it? im concerned that doing DE pulling from a defecit wont be heavy enough to overcome the strength differential. its pretty substantial too. once i clear my shins its like the bar is empty. im thinking of alternating defecit pulls and my usual sumo pulls every ME session, but wanted to pick the brains of S&P first.

    the other question is should i do the defecit training sumo style? or should i use a standard stance? my logic is that if i want to pull stronger sumo, i should train sumo. i do a decent amount of training standard style, maybe 30% of my total deadlifting. i dont feel comfortable going super heavy standard though, so i just usually do sets of 3-5.

    also, i train at home. i have a bench, 2 oly sets, 3 sets of 24" bands, and a power rack at my disposal. Thanks in advance.
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    You don't have to do DL variation with an increased range of motion as your primary lift. Thats the point of special exercises after your main lift. Add and Sn grip DL or a Dl off boxes as the exercise directly after your main lift. I never pull sumo so I don't really know to much about it. That being said it can help strengthen your hip abductors if thats a problem (knees bowing inward during the squat).
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    Aren't all sumo deadlifts slow off the floor? Its the nature of the style. Hard off the floor, easier lockout. If its not slow off the floor, its too light.

    It just seems that you are looking for another exercise to do that works that same position. Try squats from the bottom up in a rack, with the same stance and depth you use with sumo.
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    I don't think you need to do ME Deads once a week. I think doing ME deads just 1 or 2 times a month is good. For example, my set up looks something like this:
    Week 1: ME Deads
    Weeks 2-3: DE Deads
    Week 4: ME Deads
    Weeks 5-6: Defecit Deads/Snatch grip Deads

    Also check out this link:
    The "No Deadlift" Deadlift Program | Kenny Croxdale
  5. beef curtains Yellow Belt

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    Strange little town called the world
    I don't think it's possible to say zerchers and be wrong.

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