Sledge work, HIIT and MT

Ian Coe

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May 25, 2003
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Right, so we know sprinting is one of the best things for conditioning and sledge work for GPP.
So, I'm wondering from a conditioning point of view, if I had say a 300m incline at like 20 degrees and 'sprinted' (I use the term loosely due to the distance and what I'm about to suggest) up it dragging a sled behind me, would this be a good supplement to HIIT work for GPP and overal muscle strength (with everything being a supplement to MT)

I'm thinking of a lifting belt (and/or dipping belt) and attaching the sled (when I make/buy one) to it via chains.

Couple of years ago I was doing the car pushing for 200m stretches and I thought it'd be good to mix it up again
However you define it it seems like an awesome workout man..:)
Sounds like a great workout for your leg muscles and cardio if you ask me, I keep meaning to make myslef a sled as there's a big stretch of grass about 2-300m long just around the corner from me which would be perfect. If you want to see more on the subject Dave Tate wrote a whole article (although its more from a PLing point of view so its pretty thin on cardio, more a active recovery/work capacity focus) which has a bit on different dragging techniques to work different muscle groups.