skinny dude mistakes

Discussion in 'Dieting / Supplement Discussion' started by Vilo Magee, Jan 23, 2006.

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    done with this place
    Skinny-Guy Mistakes
    by Dr. John M. Berardi

  2. Jinn

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    lol, I just found this on T-Nation and was getting ready to post it here, but you beat me to it, bastard :icon_evil
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    Thanks, I always appreciate articles being posted, but I don't think eating 8 times a day is healthy. It may help to eat like that for a year or two to help build a base. I used to do that when I always thought bigger was better, but I always use to feel like shit to be quite frank. The most I ever weighted was 205 lbs and that was with just a little cardio Now I weigh 195lbs train mma almost everyday or lift weights if I can't make it to training. Oh and I eat three, maybe 4 times a day the most. Most of you will say that I don't have a fast metabolism but I disagree. I graduated boot camp 155lbs 10 years ago and through heavy lifting and some overeating at the time I got to around the weight I am today and have been for six years or so with some fluctuations depending on injuries, sickness etc. I truly believe many of these eat 8 times a day proponents are the same ones that push protein powders and especially shitty processed protein bars. Just my opinion.
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    Nothing at all wrong with eating 8 times a day if you're very active, or looking to slow down a fast metabolism. But by "eat" a lot of people think in-terms of full meals. Such is not the case. "Eating" includes snacks.

    Also, nothing wrong with protein powders, as quality protein is one of the things that like good fats, typical American eating regimens are SERIOUSLY lacking in. Similar also to green vegetables.

    I personally don't recommend bars because of the binders in them though I do use them when in a pinch. Home-made jerky would be much better an alternative.

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