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Shoulder Dislocation / Muay thai / need advices !!

Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning Discussion' started by seangeraghty, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. seangeraghty White Belt

    Jan 7, 2015
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    Hi guys, first of all, happy new year to you all !
    I'm 27yo, been training muay thai for 4 years almost now, trained in thailand, had amateur fight, lots of sparring etc..Been doing good conditioning, yoga, good food, good rest etc all the time...

    I was sparring 2 months ago, got my leg caught and sent to the floor via leg sweep.
    Unfortunately I lent on my shoulder on the back and when I got up, I couldn t move it, and couldn t feel anything in my arm, I naturally had the need to put it back, asked my sparring partner to hold my arm stretch it and bring it up, and it came back in easily.
    After that, it became huge, and couldn move it at all, it started to get REALLY painful.
    Went straight to osteopath and she said it wasn t dislocate otherwise would have been much more painful and would have required operation, instead she said it was AC joint damage grade 2. So nothing for 6 weeks she said...
    For 2 weeks was ice and hot bath every days, some anti-inflammatory and glucosamine sulfate... Then it was light tissue massage. After 6 weeks was able to do prehab with no weights, then rehab with elastic band, and now (after 8 weeks since accident) light workout with 40% weight and light stretches. Went to see a physio and he said it definitely was dislocation and said the ostheo was wrong and sometimes it can pop out without pain (especially when warmed up in the middle of sparring).
    I feel good now, can do some push ups, light weight upper body and some 70% strength stretches.
    The only thing is the fear.... every time I use my shoulder for any movement or any stretch, I m scared it's gonna pop out !
    So few questions to you guys :

    - Do you think it really was dislocated ? (collar bones was undamaged)
    - I'm gonna keep doing rehab and train my rotator cuff but can i go back to muay thai ?
    - Is stretching the shoulder bad idea now ? when it hurst shall i continue stretch?
    - Is there any movement/stretch/exercise I should totally avoid ?
    - Can it pop out just because stretching ?
    - Will it hurt before it pop ? I mean can I lift and stop before it pop out again ?

    I know it's a lot of questions but thx a lot for your help.
  2. LatFlare EADC

    Jun 12, 2013
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    Watching a snail crawl along a straight razor.
    - Do you think it really was dislocated ? (collar bones was undamaged) yes
    - I'm gonna keep doing rehab and train my rotator cuff but can i go back to muay thai ? sure why not
    - Is stretching the shoulder bad idea now ? when it hurst shall i continue stretch? see a doctor
    - Is there any movement/stretch/exercise I should totally avoid ? ditto
    - Can it pop out just because stretching ? ditto
    - Will it hurt before it pop ? I mean can I lift and stop before it pop out again ? ditto
  3. TheeFaulted Inzer Belt

    Dec 12, 2006
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    First of all, welcome to the forums.

    Injury threads are actually a forbidden topic here. We are not medical professionals, and as such you could get some stupid advice.

    That said, if your shoulder was dislocated, you'd know it. It is incredibly painful, and the pain is immediately relieved when it is returned to the socket. A shoulder can dislocate and go back in without surgery or seeing a doctor, BUT NEVER TRY IT WITHOUT ONE AGAIN! I speak from experience, I've had more than a dozen dislocates on my left shoulder. I've had to have it set by a doctor only three of those times, but the other times it went in on it's own. Do not ever attempt to put it in yourself though, as you may damage it worse. You can even cause nerve damage by pinching a nerve in the ball/socket. If it was dislocated, expect it to happen again. Do the rehab, and do it correctly. I had just graduated high school when my first dislocate occurred. I did not have insurance, so I had no PT. That shoulder still plagues me to this day.

    Rest. Take the PT seriously. Trust your doctor, and if you can't get a second opinion form another doctor, not the internet.
  4. JudoChop! Pasties

    Nov 19, 2006
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    I had my right shoulder slip when I was a senior in high school. It didnt fully dislocate but it came pretty damn close. It was very very painful. Probably the worse pain I have had as an adult other then getting my ribs broke...that sucked.

    Even though I didnt fully dislocate it, my should would go on to slip (never dislocate) at random for about 5 years. Putting my arm straight up in the air was specifically a problem. Since it didnt actually dislocate I didnt give it any rest right away, which probably made things worse. At first, any fast or serious movement would make it start to slip. Later, I could use it as normal and it would be fine. I would play keeper on an indoor soccer team and it wouldnt bother me to make a diving save. But then after the game I would laugh at a joke and shrug my shoulders and it would slip. There was no rhyme or reason. After years it finally stopped slipping. Its about 90% normal now. When I do heavy overhead presses, it hurts a little and I cant put that arm as far back as my other arm during lock out.

    Im no expert, but Im sure this will linger. Do your best to take care of it to reduce how long it will linger. I am pretty sure building muscle for ball and socket joint is very helpful in preventing dislocations. I believe this is what helped me as I started to lift weights on a regular basis a few years after this.
  5. standandtrade7 Blue Belt

    Jan 11, 2015
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    Experienced a similar injury.

    Not in muay thai but longboarding. I took a fall and put my right shoulder behind me to catch my fall and am experiencing pain similar to yours. It has been two weeks and I do not feel pain throughout the day, only during certain movements like putting on a shirt, using that shoulder to post up, or any kind of a push up motion.

    I literally cannot do a single push up right now. This is when I am at my personal best as far as strength and physique. I don't know when I'll be able to resume my usual chest and shoulder training but I'm just trying to focus on my nutrition and not worry too much since its out of my control.

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