shonie carters standup


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May 29, 2005
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how good is it, i know he has done alot of non mma competition; so how good is it regarding def,off, counters, variety of strikes, technique and strategy, figured i would ask the experts.
Well, he got KO'd by Nate Quarry, who isn't exactly a great striker. I think that answers the question.
just curious cus he has a good record in us and world wide shidokan; which are fairly high levels of striking at least w/in the martial arts world.

an he has shown a pretty good array of strikes, punches, elbows, kicks, etc.

an guys like liddel/shamrock have brought him in to prepare for diff styles of strikers; even the guys in aka, so i figured he had some legit skills.

being koed by a bigger guy isn't necessarily a shame, he is a)past his prime and b)might have a questionable chin
he's pretty old now. physically and in fight years.

I think he was a decent striker back in his prime.
Quarry looked like a goddamn giant against Shonie.

Huge mismatch in general and Quarry does punch really hard.
I saw him fight live at a couple of Shidokan events. He showed a lot of variety in his offense against his opponents, all of who were larger than him, but he really shone when it hit the ground.