shin pads for muay thai


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Oct 8, 2002
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are shin pads worth getting for muay thai classes? i just started and i want to get some opinions before i order them. thanks
Unless you want to rape your shins and fuck them up, yes shin pads are needed.
revgear makes some good stuff that is a little less expensive. I have Fairtex which are great but I actually like my friends Revgear better.
Fairtex is always backordered I just cancelled my order through them I will get shin pads from somewhere else.
Yea..always get my stuff from Fairtex in a good amount of time
How many inches thick is the padding on the standard Fairtex? Thanks :)
OniKage said:
How many inches thick is the padding on the standard Fairtex? Thanks :)

Get the ProStyle. The standard is too bulky.

If you're new, you're still gonna feel some pain through your guards. One of my trainers is one of my best friends, and when we train combinations on the weekend, I put on the shin pads (he goes raw).

I'm always the one that has to say, "Okay, that's as much as I can take for the day." Purple shins the next. Good stuff.
if fairtex is backordered ask about another color they will have it talk to noy!!
Fairtex is only decent. They are made in the same exact bulding as Twins and Windy. Same exact stuff. Decent product, not great. Couple that with the fact they likely will not have your product, and I'd say they are subpar. However, I would check out Superior products made by ringside. Their grappling shinpads are revolutionary for mma trianing and hold up great against hard kicks.