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Nov 23, 2005
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Are the gloves that are on the Sherdog homepage 4oz? It is kind of hard to tell what the padding is like from the picture but I've had gloves that are big and bulky, then the ones that are harder than bricks. I was looking for gloves that are about 4oz, aren't rock solid, and are good to spar with?
i have the red ones, and honestly i still role with them but the stiching came out of two fingers the first week, i have had them for almost a year now and they still hold up though, and they are the exact same as other regulation open finger gloves
The sherdog ones are clones of the UFC ones from Ouano. I wouldnt suggest sparring with them unless you really hate your partner. You should check out the shooto gloves, CSI training gloves ( or the Primetime Level 4's (
Yea I agree with Hockeyfight, unless you really don't like the guy your sparing with go with the CSI gloves I love them.
i use them to practice my ground work with and i throw very lite strikes with them, their not good for sparring unless you wana do some damage to ur partner.
They are designed to be like the UFC Ouano gloves but they have some issues. First the sizes are inconsistent. I ordered a set of green large and red large. The red ones were significanly bigger. Large enough that I don't think I've never used them for a fight. Second, the padding prevents the same finger flexibility that the Ouano has. I make a fist and the fingers want to stay straight. This causes the seams along the fingers to pull apart prematurely. If you're going to get some, buy them a size smaller than you think you should and let them stretch out a bit.
Yea, the Sherdog gloves are pretty rough on your hands as well. More of a competition glove really.
Well I bought me a pair of em to try out...i really havent worked on my striking since my last gloves i had and they were like older from like early 90s and yeah i wonder if these ones will suck anyone else have any info on em ?