Sherdog contact not working?

Chris J

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Jan 13, 2004
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To whom it may concern.

During last month i have tried to sending Sherdog 6 seperate emails regarding, among other things, a link error on the site, missing info about an MMA event and wrong info regarding the outcome of a couple of fights, but i have recived no replys to any of them and the errors(and faulty information) remain.
I have tried emailing the following adresses:
[email protected] & [email protected].

Are some of you guys on vacation not checking emails at the moment or is there something at your end blocking emails from my address?

I have tested my own emailing capabilities and verified that everything is working correct with my ISP.

Kind regards
assuming your talking about the KOTC England event, (that's the only e-mail I have received from a Christian lately), we stick with the information provided to us by the organization. KOTC sent us the results we have listed.
Do as you please then. Does not change the fact that it was KO's though.

I notice that the other issues(Error on the site, missing event), as explained in my attempts to initiate correspondence with you, remain unresolved.

Did you receive those E-mails?
are contact page is being updated shortly. With a whole new design.

I don't see any e-mail that includes results. resend them.
The event and fighter info have been resent to you.
The E-mail with info and attached images was resent at 8/8-05.
Did it ever arraive in your inbox?
I see that the results and additional information that i sent to you, are still not in the Fightfinder.
So therefore i'm still waiting for your response regarding this matter.
Still waiting....

In the meantime I have sent you another email.
Let me know when/if you get it.
Guess you didn't get it or is my info not good enough for Sherdog or what?