"Sex Advice From Jiu Jitsu Fighters"

Ill just stick to the passing guard advice Thank you very much.
This is actually a very interesting article and only begins to explore the possiblilites of JJ and sex with your babe...
lol... it's hard to belive some of that was real. I like the 'scrawny guy / buff g/f' q... and the guy who's g/f WANTs him to do anal but he thinks it's too gross... and the guy who did porn and is on the net..

next time though they should do "sex advice with dim-mak fighters". who needs the touch of death when you have the touch of instant orgasm. learn all the orgasm points to control your lover! i just touch her with my qi-wand and ...
lololololol i train with all those fuckers!!!! hahahahahaha....too funny

ttt for soid, matty d, triso and whoever else to see this
Whoa... Dude the first girl.. no wonder she looked so familiar. Holy shit man when I saw the pictures I just x'ed out and will pretend to never have seen this. I don't wanna know whatever they do off the mat. Fuck!
lmao at ze and the 1st question he got.
SSF said:
lmao at ze and the 1st question he got.

definitely, i would have loved to see his face and actually hear how he went about answering it.
i want to know where that first girl got her gi!!!
Haha. That's classic.
Work that sensitivity and those core muscles!
I'm a girl who wants my boyfriend to have anal sex with me. He thinks that's gross. How can I get him more comfortable with that area of my body?
If he really doesn't want to, it's going to take some time. You have to say, "Listen, it's not disgusting. I promise you're going to like it." And the girl must make sure to be very, very clean. And it must be with a condom. If he really loves you, he'll do it.

What a fucking pussy.

Not Ze.

Not you.

Of all people.

How am I supposed to train at Renzo's now?

Im still new.

The last thing I want to invision is Ze giving a seminar on "Brazilian Jujitsu and Sex 101".

My mind is no longer sound.
good lord, where was I during that interview? I guess another reason traing at renzo's rules
colin and soid, should this be printed out and used to taunt the participants with?
killer_kicks88 said:
why do they say you have to wear a condom while having anal sex?
So you dont get a urinary tract infection.