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Oct 6, 2005
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So here is the gist of the following post, I am wanting to seriously step up my training, from random and light to as serious as I can with the resources and time I have at my disposal. My plan is to be in fighting shape (ie. best shape I have ever been in) as quickly as possible, and to be totaly adjusted to my new weight and mass and be able to sustain my level of developement indefinately by the end of the year.
It just occured to me that New Year Eve is approaching, but rest assured, this is not a resolution, but a statement of fact.
Right now I am about 155 lbs and 5'9", I am in fairly good shape and have no prejudice to weight class, I would rather be in peak shape for my body style and then find a weight class than work towards some arbitrary goal.
For training, I have recently moved and when I first arrived became very involved in boxing for some time (not very long, one week actualy, but I went 3-4 hours a day for 6 days straight), long enough to get a good grasp on the basic movements, but no where near long enough to really be able to put anything on my resume. Unfortunately for the last two months (and a few weeks still) the new job I am working prevents me from attending class.
So here I find myself, in an apartment with two of my buddies (will come back to this) and no ability to attend classes, in Manitoba, where the temp is now about -15 at noon without wind, assuming it is sunny.
My plan is to start of with some self training and to that effect I have ordered Bas Ruttens Big DVDs of Combat, not that I think that can replace real instruction, but I have done some basic research and that seemed like a fairly complete system to start off learning. As for conditioning, I am currently doing some mild weight routines along with a fair number of body weight resistance exercises and a randomly generated circuit routine (at the bottom of the page).
I said I would come back to my roomates, so here it goes. I have two roomates, one who is going to be of no help at all, and one who is fairly glad to help, but stands about 5'8" and weighs about 230lbs. He has been going through the circuit training with me (although this is technicaly the first week of doing it still) and we would both love to see him drop 60lbs, and if he gets the fighting skills along with me, all the better!
The point of all this is twofold, the first part being that I would like to know if any of my fellow Sherdogers are at this stage, and if so what are their thoughts and advice, the second is to create yet another space taking thread on this great sight.

Here is my circuit training routine, as promised:

1- Up Downs (my own name, basicaly you go from a standing position, squat down, throw your legs out behind you to a pushup/sprawl position, pull them back quickly, and then stand up)
2- Squats (no weight, just form and control)
3- Crunches (or sit-ups, reverse crunches, twists, whatever I feel like)
4- Push ups (any variation)
5- Jumping Jacks
6- Uppercuts (one arm then the other and repeat, or combos)
7- Jab/Cross (same as above)
8- Hooks (same as above)
9- Knees (different sides, different types, combos)
10- Free Move (practice moving, combos, kicks, putting it all together)

We roll a ten sided dice (or D10 for any other gamers here) to see what to do, do it for thirty seconds, then roll again. Four rolls is considered a round, and after a round, their is a thirty second rest. There is no space in between exercises, and the person timing and rolling doesn't tell you what is next until the thirty seconds is up (to make you scramble and disrupt your rhythm and breathing).
Currently the program is a warmup (two rounds) a minute rest, a main segment (four rounds) a minute rest, and a cool down (two rounds). This seems to be a good way to watch technique and try to keep consistancy, as well as a great workout.

As I said earlier, I welcome any responses or advice. I have read through every sticky post on this site and for the last several months have paid close attention to all the advice in the stand up and grappling forums (not to mention conditioning and nutrition).
Try Bas Rutten's MMA workout or Mark Hatmaker's Gladiator Conditioning. It doesn't sound like you guys are at a point where you really need to be working on submission techniques. You seem to be at an initial conditioning/basics stage and both of those workout programs will benifit you.
Burpee workouts and tabatas will get you pretty far in terms of conditioning. My 2.4 km time has gotten better using burpees and tabatas.
burpees are pritty cool....i like running stairs....builds explosive strenght!