Serious problem here..


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Jun 29, 2005
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Ok, I have not done deadlifts in over a year, and so today, i throw on 160lbs, as a warmup. I do this because I know my legs are still strong, I have been keeping them up.. then.. as I am going up, my back curves in..


I could not keep form with only 160 lbs?!?! wtf is that shit? I had to lower the weight a lot just to be able to keep form. I wasn't expecting this to happen at all, infact I had never even thought of it before it happened.

So basically, I need some back strengthening exercises, and I need to do them a lot, because I have basically one month to make some good improvements.

I am also working on my upper body strength, but I can't do any real explosive exercises yet, so don't really worry about that, the main thing I need is exercises, stretches, and how to keep from getting too sore for my back.

reverse hypers?

and should I do like straight leg dl's where I am just lifting with my back, or continue to work with like regular deadlifts I guess you'd call them, where you squat down and keep your back in the same position until the end of the lift where you lean back?
Don't get too worried, it's been so long you're probably just setting yourself differently, starting in a different position (ie. ass higher than before), etc etc.

I'll be back to normal in a few weeks, just take it light for the first two weeks.
If you want to specifically target your back, you might try some Good Mornings. You could also do Rack Pulls if you have access to a power rack. Really, though, I would agree with Alon. Just focus on keeping your DL form and ease back into it. You might want to try a higher volume, lower weight approach for a while to re-learn the mechanics and let your muscles know they're about to be abused again. But I wouldn't sweat the whole ordeal too much.
Just work your way back up. I'd suggest doing glute ham raises if you can do them. Revrse hpers if you can't do glute ham raises.
Ok, forget my back, now my shoulder is hurting. I am done with DL's for a while. Fuck, I hate when I overestimate my well-ness.
Are you wearing a belt?

I'd just keep doing deadlifts, the weight will come back at 3x the rate you earned it. Throw in some hyperextensions and maybe some good mornings but don't kill it.
What's the real problem here? You haven't pulled in over a year so your dead is weak. Just start working the dead again and build up the pounds.
The real problem was I only had a month to get ready for wrestling.. but now that my shoulder is hurting again.. I am not gonna try out, because it clearly isn't ready. If I can't deadlift, I doubt I can wrestle. Back to ice/advil for a couple weeks, then i'm hitting rehab again.