Secret To Success In Lifting Revealed!!!

quite cool article and i like the idea of only doing one hardcore thing a day
seems like quite a cool idea
a positive attitude!
The idea of splitting your workouts into right and left days is interesting.
1. Pick one lift a day and do it.

2. Um, there is no number two. I can't think of anything else.

Yes, that's it. I received tons of emails and forum posts with some interesting questions, such as:

"Dan, if I do benches and curls on Mondays, curls and benches on Wednesdays, and benches and curls on Friday, will that be like your One Lift a Day Program?"

Gentle reader, you may think I'm exaggerating (again) but, unfortunately, no.

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Okay a serious response and question. Is this similair to Pavel's Power to the People methods? Also as far as powerlifts go this would need to be a longer cycle than a week. That is if you wanted to include variants of the big 3. Though I am tired after mma, doing one lift per day could really benefit for new poundage territory. Mentally and physically I imagine it could work. As some of you know I also have my own home gym so something along these lines might not be out of the question. The only thing is I like variants, unless I just picked a day and did a "medley" of Variants instead of assistance.
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Dude, I love the virtue of hard work, but that deadlift day after that squat day? One supercore lift after another? It's a little too hardcore, if you ask me. I know my body, and I know I can't do squats and deadlifts within 48 hours of one another.

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Well through some internet investigating I see that this is different than Pavel's PTP. I think Dan John's one lift a day program would work better for me personally because I think I would overtrain doing deadlift 5 days straight. I will keep this workout in mind. It might be a nice winter program for myself.
hard work, perseverance, proper rest and recovery... repeat.
for those of you who haven't figured it out, try clicking on "hard work"
hmm. shit. maybe this is why I got really fucking strong when i started working out in highschool ten years ago and build a solid base to work from. all I did back then was squat, press, and deadlift on their own days and do farmer's walks, pullups, and bent over rows as additional exercises. no kidding hard work makes you strong. Urban, good link nonetheless, since a lot of guys really don't get this point.