Secret Societies


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Mar 7, 2002
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obviously, these exist to some extent...but are they as powerful as some believe, like in the move "the Skulls"?

any info would be appreciated...if your in one and scared to talk about them, well fuck you and tell me anyways
i actually studied this at uni

short answer - yeah, they exist (e.g. knights templar, priory of sion, masons), or they did exist (cathars, mithradites), or no-one's sure (illuminati - though personally, i'd put them in the did exist group)

this is not a paranoid's ramblings - this is from study
oh, and many have their roots in one group, and give rise to others, so no-one knows where one starts and the next stops.

read the illuminati trilogy - that'll explain the whole secret society shambles better than anything else
AH yes Smith I have heard about the ones you wrote about
they're the famous ones (for secret societies, that is) there's supposed to be many more....
this is turning into the x-files.... :D
I joined a secret society but I can't find them.
Originally posted by Meat Fist
I joined a secret society but I can't find them.

lol - how d'you actually know you joined them...?
the masonic temple up the street is pretty creepy. Good to bounce a ball off, though...
Actually that was just my excuse to Mrs. Meat when she found me walking aimlessly naked in the woods.
shit, mate - just type in any of them in any search engine, and you'll probably be going until next year (and beyond)

still, i'll scout around for some of the best, and post my results in about 10 minutes. okay?
Did anyone see that they came out with THE SKULLS II on DVD?

It's really pathetic. It's the same EXACT plot. There's barely a difference in the actor's appearance. Even though I really didn't want to enjoy it. I kinda enjoyed the first one. I like the idea of secret societies. I just despise Joshua Jackson. The girl in it was hot though.
Actually that was just my excuse to Mrs. Meat when she found me walking aimlessly naked in the woods.

doesn't sound like that secret society's worth it...
the skulls 2 is just as pathetic as cruel intentions 2...both lame, unimaginative sequels trying to live off the originals popularity...i think that the concept of secret societies is really cool and any weblinks would be appreciated

and, for fun.....

shit, i forgot how many crackpots there were on the net. the first link should keep you busy for a while - it's pretty thorough, the others are more mainstream conspiracy theory.

and kids....just remember....the truth is out there.... :D

Secret Societies....

Club of Rome, Freemasons, Illuminati, Knights Templar, and worse....

I've read some freaky, freaky shit about these groups.

In a word, yeah I believe they exist. But I stopped reading about them when I realised I was getting paranoid. If even half of this shit is real, be afraid.

Smithmeister - what did you study at uni? What subject or course taught this? I just did a shit load of reading on this subject so I'm very familiar with it.

- The Jake
jake you have more cool, random info than anybody else in here...did you do reading from books or off the net? was it crazy enough shite that you were seriously paranoid?
The answer is that Jake isn't really the young low 20's guy he claims to be, but more of a long haired, late 90's, old man at the top of the mountain type who found a PC one day and decided to come here and post some of his wisdom to all of us to enrich our otherwise unmentally challenged lives!

Either that or he has read a shit load!
Did you hear about that secret society called "Godrehs"? Thats cuz it don't exist.... or does it.......