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Oct 10, 2005
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well i did a search and could'nt find anything

i need some exercise to do with sand bags

i plan on making small 5lb bags of sand and putting them in a saddle bag

and i need some exercise if yall can please give me some that would be cool also could yall explain how to do them to thanks in advance.
Im planning on making a sandbag too and start working it in to my routine. Seems a really good idea and seems really sports specific to grappling. There are sopme sandbag workouts on I do believe! Other than that i think shouldering the bag from the ground and trying to press it over your head even if you cant get i there its still a very good workout. I think the book Dinosaur Training Lost Secrets of Strength and Development by Brooks Kubik has some sandbag stuff in it and other similar old school training methods i dont have the book yet but ive heard good things about it. I found some info when i searched for routines heres one But i managed to find quite a few how long did you search for? Anywho hope some of this shit ive wrote is helpful to you in some way shape or form.
Dude you can do -everything- with a sandbag, and stuff that you basicly only can do with a sandbag.

Shoulder it from the ground for reps. Shoulder and press it. Clean it and press it. Clean it and throw it explosively. Backsquat it. Overhead squat it. Zercher squat it. Bicep curl it. Row it.

Remember that you never lift using any handles or anything else that makes it easier. You always grab it by grabing the cloth, thats half the purpose of the excersice and will turn basicly every excersice into a great grip builder.

With that said a nice little excersice to do is "snatch and catch", snatch it explosively by holding it like described, instead of "racking it", you let it fly as high as you can (it should be heavy so the flight dont get more then a few inches) and on the down way you catch it and do a zercher squat with it. (do you understand the explanation? its a killer excersice..)

Other thing that is good to do with the sandbag is "finisher" type workouts. Bearhug the bag and walk with it, overhead press it and walk with it, curl grip and walk with it, etc. This is best done as a finisher to any workout. Push yourself on this one, its just as much a mental strength builder as it is a physical.

Another option is to throw the sandbag over your shoulder and sprint upp hills with it.. (be sure to prepare yourself for this one, it can lead to problem with your joints otherwise..)

I have only started to list shit you can do with a good heavy sandbag, as you see the posibilities are endless. You will need different weights of sandbags to do different type of excersices.

I basicly have to credit Ross Enamits book "ultimate training for the ultimate warrior" for all the stuff I wrote above, its a great book on the subject, you can get it at I also hear that Dinosaur training is the book to have on the subject but I have not read it myself.
Good luck dude!
yea i am going to be doing what ross did with his sand bag and so i can change the weight, i am going to have 5lbs of sand in grabage bags and put them in a saddle bag, a have at it go up to at least 200 to 250lbs

i might get the Josh Henkins book sand bag training manuel

or the iron mind sand bag training manuel its like 12 bucks
I would recommened against the Ironmind sandbag book. It is not very good at all other than basic pictures of exercises. The people on here will give you more than what you need or you can get something by Ross, that stuff is waaaayyyy better!
aight also found another one, put the sanbag on your shoulders and run stadiums, now those would be a bitch.
I like the sandbag burpee - place the bag at your feet, sprawl so your chest or face almost comes into contact with the bag, then when you leap in to the squat position, quickly grab the bag up and hold it during the jump. Very, very tough. This works best with a flat bag such as the 50lb sacks they sell builder's sand in.

And rather than spending money on training manuals and the like, you might want to consider investing in a training dummy (I'm sure you could rig one up yourself for the cost of just one of those books). Whatever exercises you can do with a bag, you can do 10 times more with a dummy, including striking and rolling, and plus it's a hell of a lot more fun.
Another cool one is if you got a sturdy fence of some sort, preferably high enough to make it somewhat chalenging to jump over. Grab your heavy sandbag and hoist it over the fence, imediately jump after it and hoist it back to the other side, keep repeating and go balistic on that mother!
sounds cool i have a saw horse at the house i can do that with. also i can do windmills with it to

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