S&P SHERDOGGERS: Beta-Alanine experiences/reviews?


May 3, 2003
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What do you guys think of this stuff??

I think I really am noticing the effects of it .. I definitely feel like I have more 'oomph' to train harder and longer, and I have this 'charged' feeling after taking it. Seems to be pretty good stuff :icon_twis
I never tried it but I hear good things from it. I guess I need to hop on and see what its all about, :)
I like it overall, but I think it's more for endurance/cardio geared workouts. Either way I'm a fan of it
Im going to pick some up this summer, see if it helps with hill sprint/ anaerobic cardio
I'm not loading it and properly dosing yet, but there is some in my pre/peri-workout drink. Don't know if it's that, the other stuff in it, or the combo, but the drink sure as hell gives me extra juice.
Meh. Was on it for four months, got faster and stronger. Been off it for three months, still getting faster and stronger. I can live without it.
See my training log.
My work capacity shot through the roof, esp. when it is carb loaded. BA along w/ Fish Oil and Caffeine will never, ever, ever be removed from my list of sups.
Finn, would you say you reached somewhere near the limit of your training capacity before supping with beta alanine? I'm anxious to start using mine, but I feel like I should get in better shape first, and thus make it more effective / noticeable.
That's tough to say. I started doing Ross's II at about the same time, and I evidently have some badass genetics. I remember, at the time, being very impressed w/ the nearly immediate increase in work capacity, esp on stuff like sprints, conditioning challenges, etc.
However, I also was able to increase my workload considerably without feeling tired either the day of or the days following a workout. In the II system, you do:
Sprints/ Intervals

This kicked my ass pretty hard, and I noticed a very immediate increase in my recovery and intensity output throughout the week's workouts after adding in BA. Honestly, for the price (35 bucks for something like 3 months supply) I don't think you'll find another supp that has as much bang for the buck outside of Fish Oil.
Thanks for the detailed reply. I think I'll give it another few weeks of basic dojo work before starting on it.
I've been using it for about 3 weeks and really haven't noticed that much of a difference. They say maximum saturation can take up to 6 weeks or something, though. A while ago I used it for about a month and a half, til I ran out and I got like an extra couple reps per workout, nothing fantastic.. but still something. I expect better results after a few more weeks of using it (roughly 4g/day spread throughout)
I've noticed an increase in work capacity, nothing to note strength wise but I feel higher rep assistance work I can push harder for more reps. The effect is nothing drastic, and could be chalked up to placebo, but as with creatine there is enough science behind it and it is cheap enough to warrant me continuing to use it.
I noticed an increase in work capacity, wasn't a huge factor in my training as I wasn't doing much endurance work, would like to see how it performs when I refocus on more MA type training.
How often and when do you take it? I'm expanding my supplements to include Creatine this week and if this stuff works I might grab some also.
Works well for me, takes a while to kick in though.

That said I buy 1kg amounts which last me is I dose it the way it should be dosed 200 days.

I still have loads left :icon_cry2
How often and when do you take it? I'm expanding my supplements to include Creatine this week and if this stuff works I might grab some also.

The D&S forum has a long thread devoted to BA. You should check it out.
I've been taking BA for about 3 months now and the largest change I've noticed is less rest needed between sets. I often feel I can get right into my next set and have to force myself to take a minute or two of rest.
For me it's been amazing in terms of muscle recovery aside from increased muscle endurance and work capacity. Definitely a great supplement.
I love BA, been taking it for a few months and it definitely helped my cardio. I'm going to be off it for a couple weeks, but only due to money being short and my supply almost out.