Running without upperbody clothes


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Dec 7, 2004
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Hi, i saw some training video of Fedor ( ) and what I noticed he doesn't wear any upperbody clothes. It seems pretty cold cos his brother wears a jacket.
My question is, is it healthy to run without upperbody clothes? don't u get a cold or get sick, or at what temperature is it safe to run without upperbody clothes? Only when sun shines? or never? or can u do it in the winter also?

thanks, h.ool
Mainly an individual comfort thing, but yeah, you can get sick from it just like if you rolled around naked in snow for a while or went swimming in really cold water on a cold day. Hypothermia. Fedor has some fat he carries around, so that might help insulate him a bit. If it is a hot enough day out that you don't feel cold, and it is socially acceptable where you are, go for it. I love doing it in the summer time back home, way out in the country. It feels like total freedom. Watch out for sunburns though.

It depends on if you feel that you are warm enough. Also, sometimes on a day that wasn't real hot, I would start out in a shirt and after running hard for a few miles, take it off when I get really hot. Or I would start running in the morning when it was coller and after while the sun was higher and the day had heated up enough so that I would take off my shirt and carry it or tuck it into my shorts. It is more how you feel and what is comfortable. You don't want to be cold or shivering when you are running.

Cool story: in cross country in high school, we had some really loose fitting enw jersies. I made the mistake of not wearing a t-shirt under mine on a meet day in November. The course was up on a hill, and it was a very hilly course. Because of this, the wind was blowing strongly the whole time, and it was cold. When I was near the end I noticed my chest was bleeding. Duringt he race, my nipples got so hard and dry they cracked and bled. The skin jsut broke right open. Ewwwww. Don't let that happen to you. I later learned that because of this, some runners put tape over their nipples, even when wearing shirts, to prevent this on cold days.
erm whenever you feel like not wearing a shirt dont wear a shirt. The temperature is based on how well your immune system is but its not the cold that gets you sick. The cold temperature only weakens the immunity so that the viruses that always exist can more easily get in.
just so we're clear, colds and flus are viral, getting them has nothing to do with being cold.
this forum sucks with you people in here.. i cant believe you people actualy take this huy seriously.. please tell me your joking.....
bigdoggg said:
this forum sucks with you people in here.. i cant believe you people actualy take this huy seriously.. please tell me your joking.....

Why not take him seriously? It was a valid question.
Don't overdue it and like make sure it's snowing before you go for a run naked.

I was playing basketball in Colorado with my uncle one time and my knees got all chapped and started to bleed.

And bigdoggg, quit acting all tough and just answer the question.
Luckily I don't have to worry about being cold out here. Great way to get a bitching tan at the same time. Oh yeah, and Urban is right on the cold issue.
Thanks for the training video. I hadn't seen it before.
Does it matter at all? Maybe. I used to train with this 76 year old Japanese wrestler named Masaaki Hatta. He was a silver medalist in the seventies in wrestling and also beat Dan Gable. This guy runs about 8 marathons a year. He runs all throughout the year, and Michigan winters are terrible. He says it keeps him healthy. This guy is 76 and throws 18 year old kids all over the mats. I kinda trust what he says. As to running without a shirt on... Only if you're used to it. If not you'll probably get sick.
I've heard of stranger things. Jess Liaudin knows people that doing lifting in sub zero temperatures. Some guys believe training in the cold builds up pain tolerance and by pushing themselves to the limit in the worst conditions possible they'll do their best under ideal conditions. Similar mindset to military training and given Fedor apparently served in the armed forces it wouldn't surprise me if he has kept that mentality.
My take on it is if you are going to be fighting under the lights in an arena you should always simulate being hot when you are training. When I run in the winter I wear a long john top one t-shirt then a pullover windbreaker for bottoms I wear long jogns, shorts then sweats on top pf that. in the summer i wear two t-shirts and a light sweat shirt for bottoms I wear a pair of shorts then sweats over the top of them. I am hot under all these clothes but i also do not get un comfortable under the lights of an arena. The lights in an arena and the heat of the crowd can make it very hot in the ring.
One other thing is having clothing covering you also akes you sweat which is good for losing weight obviously and getting any toxins out of your system
I think this is a great topic. I learned something, as many did also I'm sure. Muer as usual has great explanations. Broomstick provided an interesting take.
for me, i always wear a top (appropriate to weather condition).
I pretty much always wear a top when I run. I guess it depends on weather and personal preferences.