running and being sick?


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Mar 25, 2005
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So i've at the tail end of a fight with broncitis..and i've had trouble breathing doing simple things like walking to class or upstairs for a few days..anyway, i'm feeling somewhat better and i was thinking about taking a short jog to try and break up the rest of this cold...i've been out of training for about a month now...any thoughts?
I'd make sure you're feeling much better, rather than somewhat better. Getting fresh air is always a good thing, but aggravating a respiratory condition by doing hard respiratory work is not. Refer to this post about the proper ranges for moderate and high intensity work, then avoid high intensity until you feel pretty close to 100%. High intensity weakens your immune system, whereas medium intensity strengthens it. So, as long as you're not still suffering from swelling and whatnot, stick to medium intensity. Otherwise, stick to casual walks to get fresh air.

Your warm-up is also going to be of big importance. Make sure you gradually warm up in 3-minute stages, over the course of 3 stages. For instance, if you run at 7.0mph normally, you would start with 3.0mph for 3 minutes, then 4.5mph for 3 minutes, then 6mph for 3 minutes, then 7.0mph for 20-60 minutes, whatever you like. Obviously that's a bit harder outside, but just be smart about it. If you run normally, start with an easy walk, then a hard walk, then a light jog, then your run. If it's as cold in Jersey as it is in Michigan, though, you might want 4 minute stages or so.

Cooling down is important, too. Warm up and cool down are always important, but even more so when you're sick. At the end of your training period, gradually decrease your speed over a 5-10 minute window. Then go stretch.

But, again, do not push yourself if you're still sick. Get some fresh air, don't stress your cardio system, and get back to fluids and simple foods.
thanks man, i went for a real light 15 minute wasn't bad at all but the air was freezing
Good to hear. You feel better afterward or worse? Get a good night's rest?
I felt a tad bit better but woke up with a sore throat...the air's really cold here...i hate running in the cold, once i'm a bit healthier i'm going to make myself run more
Yeah, I'm not real hot on it, either. No pun intended. Even though I know how much I have to bundle up and's still a pain. I guess it's because I started my habit in really nice weather, even if a bit on the hot or humid side.

In case you're unsure on how to bundle up: You want a moisture-wicking layer on your skin, something like wool or any of those synthetics out there that do the same. Wool makes me itch, though. After that I'd say cotton layers, one after another until you have enough to keep you warm for your warm-up and cool-down. Make sure your head and hands are covered as well; you lose most of your body heat through the head, hands and feet. I'd suggest a thin and thick pair of gloves, and a bandanna and a hat. And though you don't sweat as much, you still need to pull in a lot of water as you exercise. 2-4 ounces every 15 minutes should do it.