Roy Nelson & King Mo talk about their love for McDonalds

Anderson Silva thinks they are fools.

funny video, good thing Mo has never smoked weed or Jones may have snitched on him.
ain't nothin wrong with some double cheeseburgs and some mountain dew.. lol
just get that flax seed in ya
mcdonalds is the shit

id rather have it than caviar or whatever other shit rich ppl eat
shit 20 pc mcnug for 4.99 you crazy to not get a deal like that
Actually had this discussion with a few coworkers just last night. McDonald's is great on the taste-buds, but you pay for it with the digestion.
I like Mcdicks but my body doesn't digest an ounce of it, not even the fuckin fries lol
Gotta be all Americans posting wtf. Mcdonalds tastes like shit and looks like shit.
I love a Big Mac every once in awhile.

I think King Mo holds up a Quest protein bar - a little off topic, but the nutritional value the manufacturer claims on these protein bars is wrong. Most of them say net carbs of 6 grams, but they are really around 26 grams (if anyone cares). I know some guys need to be exact with their diet when cutting weight etc.