Routine critique needed


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Jun 24, 2004
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WOuld this wear me the hell out?
25 yrs old, 5"9", 175@15%bf.
8-10 hrs of working a job with a "Heavy physical demand".
45 minutes of lifting on Mon, Wed and Fri.
BJJ for 1.5-2hrs on Tues&Thurs.
I would like to add some cardio into this or is the BJJ enough?
I am thinking of doing fasted 65%Heart Rate cardio on Lifting days, and HIIT(w/ food in belly) on BJJ days. Will that be too much? How much running would most of you add to this?
*Note: The lifting and BJJ is done after work. I would like to add the cardio BEFORE work.
yeh easy, i'd do running HIIT, 2x week in the morning (the day you do BJJ) and some GPP finishers at the end of your weights workouts, i usually find running in the morning + working + training at night means you only get 5 or 6 hrs sleep a night if your lucky.
Yeah man. It is hard to get sleep. That is why I want to slowly and gradually add the cardio in. I hate being such a little fuck though. Granted I have gained/built, I still want to be bigger. I am also going to start going to college after work soon. SO i might have to drop BJJ. I wish days were 30 hrs long. Thanks for the reply Reakt.