ROGER GRACIE in European BJJ jan 2005-(video)


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May 7, 2002
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Made a vid with Highlights of his fights-(tottaly 3) in the European Championship that took place in Portugal in January-Feb 2005, i posted his fights some time ago but not in a single vid.

it didn't take me much time to make it-(2 hours) maybe a litle slopy but decent, any opinions are welcome.
Nice video, that was actually the first time I ever saw a BJJ tournament.
thanks guys... i guess im gonna be making a few more vids from that tournament... plenty good matches.
anyone know where to get the vid of roger breaking jacares arm?
oh and the first throw was pretty cool.. the firemans carry on Roger.. hehehe
Thanks for taking the trouble. :D
dling now. Always excited to get some BJJ clips. They are so hard to come by.
Nice! Thanks man, let us know if you make any more.
im working on some clips the past couple of days... make in them ain't that dificult uploading the files from my camera to the pc is what takes time... I post in a few days i believe.
I like it a lot man. Thanks a ton for putting your time and effort into it!
pretty good video. i'd work on your screens with the text though. the colors are kinda distracting