Roger Bowling gets his UFC contract


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Jan 21, 2010
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Roger Bowling said:
Just received my UFC contract for 2013! This is going to be a AWESOME year! Hoping to get a fight late March or early April. Thank you to all my fans! I will work harder to keep my Facebook updated. Follow me on twitter also!
enjoy ladies and gentlemen

Zuffa is taking everybody it seems lol
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He's coming off a loss.

I guess it's because he has teh muscles and cool tats.
I've never seen him fight, but it's a bit odd that they'd take a Welterweight off a loss, since that division is so stacked already. I'd understand at more at LHW or something. Makes me wonder who else they'll be bringing in. I hope Santiago gets another chance at WW.
Always puts on a show, I'm glad.
Exciting fighter but not that great. Maybe he can get a few wins against the lower part of the division.
That tattoo makes it impossible for me to take him seriously as a human being.
The UFC is thanking him for beating the shit outta that Neo-Nazi guy on live TV
his record aint all that great - and he hasnt fought any decent competition, yet another prelim fighter.