Rico Verhoeven helping Overeem to prepare for his fight


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Jan 15, 2013
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He is an elite kickboxer from Nederlands, ranked #4 HW kicboxer by liverkick. I recognized him on this picture,he's the one on the far right


Here's an article on his page:
Damn AO is looking pretty small compared to the guys he is standing next to!
they just finished eating lunch.

jokes aside, seems like a good guy to go against preparing for bigfoot.
Rico's not that great but he's getting much better,he's still very young and he's physically looking much better than ever(quicker etc).There's a lot of guys that haven't been fighting that's why he's ranked 4th his loss to Serhiy Lashchenko is still fresh in my mind he looked fucking terrible in that fight.I bet on him over sergei kharitonov so I know his skills.Besides sparring and working out with overeem I doubt the 23 yr old or whatever will bring much else to the table.I want to see what happens when someone can drag overeem into deep water where he's always folded before i'm pretty sure he'll knock bigfoot out in the first.Never know though.It will benefit overeem greatly to have all these monsters with him!
Lol I'm right now thinking about how small I would look on a pic with these guys
Eric Prindle is freaking huge

too bad he's just a big lump of muscle...his fight with Abe Wagner goes down skill wise as one of the worst fights on a big stage I have seen since..well minus japan events, a long long time.Watching them roll around reversing like it was a fight scene from a cheesy movie lol..smh sooo bad.
Why would someone desire to be so freaking huge yet not desire to excel in some form of competition. I do not consider male beauty contests a form of competition but w/e.
Wanted to post that pic but dubbs... In before Reem is smaller...
All of those guys are huuuuuuge. Damn! One could think that it would be kind of hard to find as big training partners if you are the size of Ubereem... :eek:
The 3rd guy from the right looks like he is getting goosed from behind or he is just standing up on his toes trying to look taller. :icon_chee
Who's the guy standing on his toes, lol?

Also, who are the guys on the very left, next to Prindle?