Respect people's goddarn country when you visit...


Magic Man

I get pissed off when I see disrespect of our country when foreigners come over, I'm not being racist, cause I dispise it when they do that shit whichever country they are from.

Today I saw a group of Japanese guys generally talking loudly in Japanese, bumping into people and littering the fuckin sidewalk with the boxes and wrapping of their disposable camaras. What the FUCK? Haven't you ever seen a rubbish bin you idiots?

The other day, an african boarding student was working out at my gym, and was obviously having a rest. Now if any of you work out, I'm sure you know ettiquette of letting people "work in" with you. This tosser was the first ever person to deny me working in with him, what the fuck??? I continually tried to explain gym ettiquette to him (as obviously he was a newbie) and he ignores the fucker. I was tempted to teach him gym ettiquette by breaking his ankle, but restrained myself.

A few weeks ago, in my university computer lab, on the day I needed to hand up a very important assignment, and was still only part way through a whole bunch of Italian exchange students come in chatting loudly in their native tongue. Now I really needed to concentrate for this shit, cause it was really boring crap, and I couldn't hear myself think. I ask them politely to be quiet and they do...for about 10 minutes, then they start yapping again. This is one of the most annoying things ever, and international students seem to have a damn bad habit of doing this shit - it annoys everyone else no end.

I guess it all comes down to respect, when you visit someone else's country, respect their culture, customs and practices, don't act like a dick sack.

- m
i wouldnt really call that culture, politeness is present in every country as well as not littering. Its more a matter of respect. otherwise everyone in the country wouldnt respect your culture.

Your going a bit over the top!, people just arnt bothered anymore, its a dog eat dog world.
He is right I won't call that culture to much it is just people doing what they do best. Being insensitive. All those cases sound like they could of been done by anyone and it was just chance that it happend to be foriners for you.

BTW people do suck sometimes.
i agree with you in some points.....i`m foreigner here and sometimes i don`t understand or see things in the same way jap. does however i should respect then because they don`t have to change things for me........other side like conrad say that kind of things you say before can be made by everyone foreigner or`s just a matter of education and actitude.
Magic -

You're too restrained. Try losing your cool once in awhile. Guaranteed it does wonders as it works as a LART to everyone around you.


Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool. 1. n. In the collective mythos of scary devil monastery, this is an essential item in the toolkit of every BOFH. The LART classic is a 2x4 or other large billet of wood usable as a club, to be applied upside the head of spammers and other people who cause sysadmins more grief than just naturally goes with the job. Perennial debates rage on alt.sysadmin.recovery over what constitutes the truly effective LART; knobkerries, semiautomatic weapons, flamethrowers, and tactical nukes all have their partisans. Compare clue-by-four. 2. v. To use a LART. Some would add "in malice", but some sysadmins do prefer to gently lart their users as a first (and sometimes final) warning. 3. interj. Calling for one's LART, much as a surgeon might call "Scalpel!". 4. interj. [rare] Used in flames as a rebuke. "LART! LART! LART!"

- The Jake
I respect Australia except for Kings Cross in Sydeny, i have other uses for my bottom

Oh and Fosters, its fucking awful
i hear what you're saying majic. When I visit a lot of touristy spots in America such as museums and themeparks like disney world and great adventure; i run into the same problem. It comes mostly from little kids, they run around screaming pushing you out of the way and if you say anythign to the parents they get real angry at you! The worst are the English, i know we've got a lot of them here, but guys it's the truth. One older guy got on a bus and two kids RAN right on top of him. He mentioned soemthing to the parents and the father yelled at him, called him a darky and threatened him in a Sgt. hertman manner, then i was in the parking lot and a mother was letting her little girls run around naked and they were maybe 8. I guess that's a cultural difference but it's still pretty odd.

We've got the same problem w/ Japanese too, they're polite ya but very unconscientous, they take pictures; through what's left on the ground and rudly move there herd into you.

One time i was in a library and a bunch of Italian students or tourists came in and they young Italians are nothing liek the old ones and this lady (who is Italian) got angry at them and actually aggressively handed them an altamatum to speak English and quitely or leave. Their English, for what we could hear was impecible.

And i know Spanish girls when they go to otehr countries wlk w/ arms locked so you can't cut through them asa sign of virginity. Ok that's great in 12th century Europe but a busy sidewalk in downtown Manhattan is too much.

W/ a lot of our new immigrants i see a certain rudeness Russian Jews and Latinos come to America and many feel they can do as they please. It gets a lot of older immigrants mad i can tel lyou that. but it's repulsive and it builds stereotypes and it really annoys the hell out of everyone.

Now please don't accuse me of being ethnically prejudiced or racist i have many friends of different nationalities and all of the aforementioned culutres, but it jsut seems weird that I'm treated more rudely in my own country than when i'm a visitor in otehr countries. Hell even Quebec, they treat me better, in fact they treat u great if u jsut try a little French.

And for any foreigners the best advice i could give is to try to speak the language. I've met many german exchange students and immigrants and tourists, never have i heard them speak german to their friends when in a public setting, they view it as reude. When i heard that i was struck by it and it forever leaves other foreigners at a disadvantage.

sorry for the sermon.
Try hawaii you guys, talk about fucking direspect towards the people and land, it's every where here! All the profesional surfers that come and visit on the north shore, I would like to ring half of thier necks especially those damm aussie's!!
I live in Toronto...and this knd of thing comes up all the time, except because actually have lived here for years and years it most of the time is not a visitor.
A common scenario is in my neibourhood, i go out to maybey get something at the corner store, and because im Munjicake and not Korean i get the cold shoulder, example a 15 year old kid in front of me buys a pack of smokes, then when i go up to get smokes and a lotto ticket or something(im 6'2 bout 200 pounds and i have facial hair) i get asked for ID, if i dont produce this ID then i get no smokes, eventhough i have lived here for two years and have always gone to this store since moving to he neibourhood. It sucks pretty bad ,but i try not to let it bother me and just laugh at the old lady when she asks and say"so you sreriously still think im 18??...hahahahaha) and hand her my ID.....what a tool she is.:(
Over the last 12 years,there has been a massive influx of Asians into Auckland.

They virtually all settled out east around Botany Downs(now known as the Ho Chi Minh Trail), buying over-priced real estate and causing the housing prices to skyrocket.Most of them are only interested in putting their kids through the NZ education system then fucking off back to Hong Kong(or wherever) to work and make NO ATTEMPT to interact with anyone outside their community.Even 2nd or 3rd generation kids speak Chinese as a first language and often have poor English skills despite having lived in an English speaking country their whole lives. The kids,who are basically smart-arsed spoiled brats, drive around in brand new Jap imports(usually equipped with 4-point racing harness:rolleyes: ) and are rude and obnoxious little bastards and seem offended at having to lower themselves to speaking English.

Luckily, at 192lb/5'8 I resemble a miniature Godzilla and they know better than to fuck with me :D

At my old school, 30% of the role is now asian.Walking down Queen St(the main Street in Auckland), over half the people you see are Asian, all jabbering away in their own language.

I have no problem with any group of people living in New Zealand as long as they at least try to intergrate with society.

The government is mainly to blame because of their immigration policy, which made it's main criteria one thing: MONEY.I remember a couple of instances were skilled tradesmen and specialists from South Africa(with family in NZ) were passed over in favour of children of wealthy Chinese businessmen who couldn't speak English, but could afford to buy their way in...

That's enough rant for today...
In Canada, espically the toronto area, you get a lot of americans forgeting our speed limits are KM and not miles.

You think it would sink in when they see a 110 posted on the highway.......
I thought the great idea behind the U.S. is that it's a huge melting pot...
I hear a lot of people using terms such as "my country" or "my culture" and such....but the truth of the matter is that it is just as much their country as it is yours...And everyone's culture and manners(or the lack thereof) makes up what the US is and you have to deal with it. Just because their behavior is not in sync with your does not mean it is not part of the American culture.
I understand the part where some of you might find it annoying that a lot of immigrants don't bother to speak in English and annoys the shit out of you, but, I think that's what also makes the US or other first world countries unique(they can attract so many other foreigners to want to go and live there)

Enough about's my rant on tourists and manners -

This is for all you Westerners visitng Asian countries(especially Americans)

Don't think you are the mack daddy here because you can pick up ugly chicks...this is something that I notice that occurs very often here. Real fucking ugly Americans who I can picture gets absolutely no ass in the states and acts like he's the shit here in Asia because he gets some really ugly girls flocking to them...

They come here for the leftovers and think they're the pimp...
It's like me going to Hunt's Point and telling everyone that I'm a lady's man...

Know what I'm saying?
Cheeba u miss the point. we're not talkign about "our culture" that's just it. Immigrants amke up Americas history plain and simple. Most immigrants had to learn English only people from the British Isles didn't. Now theese people come and try to make the rules bend for them u have no idea what ur talking about till u come here. It's the same concept as Westerners coming to TaiWan and saying speak English.

And about the Americans coming to Asia and doingthat, why is it annoying i would think it funny plus it gets all the ugly chicks out of your hair. i see it as a blessing for u guys.
Lol @ jake, i know what you mean, I am too restrained sometimes, but then again whenever I did lose my head, I would end up in a lot of shit, so I try to keep it cool now - cause if I lose it, I don't know when to stop and it's really dangerous.

I remember in school in my final year, some skinny nerd kicked my glasses that had fallen off the table onto the floor. I asked him why and he gave some smart ass comment, I proceeded to pick him up ram his spinalcord into a stainless steel bench, twice, palmed his head like a basketball and proceeded to dent the whiteboard and then kicked his leg and was on the verge of dislocating his shoulder...when the class good samaritan bitch jumped on me and began screaming her stupid head off. I'm happy she did it cause I would have gone through with that no problem.

I hear a lot of you guys, I don't think it's racism at all. I'm chinese originally, and what squatdog says is actually pretty damn spot on. PC aside, I totally agree with what the squat king rants about.

I say if you migrate to a country, don't impose your beliefs on a their system if it's not compatible, YOU have to change yours to fit in and if you visit a country, respect the host country and don't act like a mack daddy top shit - cause you're not.

Plain and simple.

- m
Unleash the fury Magic...

go on..

U N L E A SH T H E F U R Y! ! !
ok magic let me get this straight....a guy is not familiar with the guy routine and then there are loud people in the computer lab...

yeah that is disrespectful as hell...BUT ARE YOU A GOD DAMNED IDIOT?

by not letting you work out your whole country was disrespected? what the fuck are you talking about...?

i see the littering as disrespecting your country but are you gonna tell me that if a guy in the computer lab is too loud that the entire country of australia is being somehow disrespected?

this whole thread is about you being disrespected and has nothing to do with your country at all man...