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Apr 27, 2005
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What do you guys think about resistance bands? Do you think the basic store bought variety resistance bands provide enough resistance to build a good amount of muscle. Mark Eccard, bjj bb who wrote a column on exercises in grappling magazine, was always raving about them being better them regular weights because the bands mimic the way your tendons and ligaments in how they are basically like a rubber band in how they stretch and the bands provide position and negative tension throughout the movement of a given exercise. He was also saying they build better muscular endurance for grappling and so forth.
good for warmups, some sport-specific drills, and rehab work(i used bands to get my shoulder back to strength after an injury)...they're a good investment but certainly no replacement for free weights
I think you're right I think after a while you need more resistance, but I do think they make some resistance bands that is equal to the amount of lbs you get with plates and dumbbells, but generally why spend money on these more expensive types of bands when you buy a set of weights for much cheaper. I just wanted to get a lowdown on any that has success with building strength and muscle with these bands.
They are also great for finishers after practice....I know the soviets used them alot after practice and for sport specific drills.
Since Fedor is hot in here right now...;) In "Fedor, Pride to the top" he does some stuff with cables. Pretty weird looking to me, not sure if it was for conditioning, throwing or striking. Perhaps some other who has seen it to can explain it to me?
A documentary (4 actually) Japanese tv made of the four 2004 hw gp finalists training. Its from the one with Fedor most have seen him hiting a tire with a big sledge and out joging in camo pants. Really interesting little film.. You can find it on the internet if you look for it..
I've had a look around for it, can anyone point me the right direction?
it's just fedor doing hip throws with a band...

bands are excellent tools for warmups and getting the blood flowing...

they are not useful for developing high end strength, unless you are a complete and total pussy, but they do have their roles...

they can be included with cardio workouts and fit in nicely, and they can help stretch you out, get you moving, and be used in sport specific movements, such as the hip throws by fedor...

i've done squat thrusts with bands before that have completely taken away my ability to walk...

we'd tie the bands to bar on the ground, walked out about 5 feet until they were tight, and done an ass to grass squat while punching both hands straight forward, then stood back up while retracting our hands. we did it for an entire rage against the machine song with a rest in the middle, hit the thai mitts for the next song, then switched back. we did that for about 30 minutes, and i couldn't walk the next day...

hell, it hurt to run for the next 4 days...

bottom line, they have their uses, but they won't have you benching a school bus...

for athletic performance, they have their uses, but won't have you beating maurice green in the 100m dash...
Judo throws you say... Even though im not a judo guy perhaps I should have seen that..;) Thanks
resistance bands, when used properly(and specifically), can help you develop some incredibly impressive bodyweight strength. we use them at gymnastics to help people develop (and build strength toward) their planches, iron crosses, even v-sits.

the bands just pick up the slack of what you can't do yet. you're really using your own body weight and the bands cut out a portion of it, depending on the resistance. instead of using them as resistance bands, which isn't the best for someone looking to build a great deal of strength, you can use them the way i described (support) and build some pretty impressive bodyweight strength. it all depends on what you're going for.

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