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Dec 21, 2004
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pretty vague question, but what are your guys' opinions on these resistance bands?
i've seen them around on ebay and even some fitness sites but i don't know what to think of them.
I think they can be really good. You probably wont gain huge amount of limit strength from them, but the can be excellent for endurance. I went to UNICA in San Paulo where they do physical training for fighters and they used them a lot. You can really do specific exercises than relates to your sport.
I mean, serisouly...look at the fucking pump!


I bought some when I hurt my groin grappling (bit of overzealous guard passing). I used the bands to help rehab the groin injury after it just didn't seem to be getting better with icing and stretching. Worked really well. I now use it for rotor cuff work, neck work and some rotational ab work, which are all perfect with the bands.

Like HC said they will probably do nothing for your limit strength.
Buy the jumpstretch bands from; they're much better, offer more resistance and training options, plus they're not nearly as gay.