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Reminder : Reem still has to go through Bigfoot


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Jul 19, 2008
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A lot and i mean a lot of people on this forums are already talking about Reem vs Cain and everyone seems to forget that for that to happen Reem has to beat Bigfoot. Hell even Reem himself seems to look past him as he has been talking more about JDS and Cain than Bigfoot as of late

Now i understand that Reem is the favorite against Bigfoot but BF can still be a pretty dangerous fighter for many HWs. No one really gave him a chance against Fedor and yet he destroyed him. Had issues with Cormier and Cain but those two have styles tailor made to beat BF. Reem however is a different beast altogether. I favor him too but i wouldn't be surprised to see BF try to gass him out using his size and ground game. He has powerful GnP and who knows what may happen if he found himself on top of Reem.

My prediction is Reem via TKO but if i was the Uber One i wouldn't take Bigfoot too lightly as he may be in for a surprise.
Had issues with Cormier and Cain but those two have styles tailor made to beat BF.

Issues? Understatement of the year there. Cain and Cormier flat-out demolished BF.

Having said that, I'm not totally counting BF out vs. Overeem. If he can survive the 1st round, the fight could get very interesting.
Shouldn't be much of a problem.

Silva has pretty average takedowns when he has a big size advantage, Overeem is just as strong as he is and has shown good enough TDD to stop Silva from taking him down. On the feet, again Silva is not bad, but Overeem is far better.
Oh man, if bigfoot wins the HW title picture will be ugly.

Mir vs Cain maybe?
I think Reem beats Bigfoot but to count Bigfoot out would be foolish. He hits hard and Overeem doesn't exactly have an iron chin and if Bigfoot can survive the first round I think he would win
I like BF but come on, he's collecting a paycheck here.
The Reem should be able to smash Bigfoot easily.

Bigfoot did destroy Fedor but Fedor was on the downside. Bigfoot has shown himself to be a bit slow against the very elite and his chin is only average.

Now don't get me wrong The Reem needs to be focused for this fight but nothing short of completely writing off Bigfoot makes me think The Reem would lose this.
outside of the fedor/bigfoot disappointed

imho bigfoot has never been a great fighter.. he is simply an oversized monster that you can not allow him to mount on you. But his overall game is lackluster imho for most fighters.
Fedor went with the same giant killer gameplan but ended up controlled in full guard to attempt armbar attempts and got hammered away T_T

I can only see overeem winning via ko or tko
That's the UFC's "go-to" move: When in doubt, give the title shot to Mir.

I like Mir and was intrigued by a matchup with Cain, but no way he gets a title shot after losing his last one. He's have to have at least 2 wins, or one emphatic high profile one.
It will look a lot like Brock/Overeem.
Mike Kyle almost finished Bigfoot on the feet, and Kyle isnt anywhere near the striker that Overeem is. As long as Alistair trains well, takes the fight seriously, and doesnt make any giant mistakes, its his fight to lose
I actually think BF is underrated but I have a really hard time seeing how he beats Overeem.

Overreem TKO's him inside 2 rounds.
Lol Reem breaks his hand against Big Foot just like Cain and DC. Nelson gets the title shot then become HW Champion.
BF has no chances, Overeem via KO on the first round, that's the most obvious fight.