Red nail bend video


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Jun 30, 2002
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The last part of the crush was very hard, it's off by 1/16" from 2" so it's not a complete bend in the video. I rested a couple minutes after I stopped filming and put it within 2". I'll get a better bend on video hopefully soon. In the meantime this will do.

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GOOD SHIT!!! Bending is super manly. LOL your hands and shaking like crazy! Sign of good bending.
*can barely wobble a bastard*
sweet video, nice job.
Thanks guys!

Urban-it'll still be a little while before I kill a bastard. The batch I got is really tough.

FirstNobleTruth-you called it. Strapping young lad-detox.
Awesome bend. Also, SYL FTW!!
how did you work up to it? how long did it take you?
I'm still really bitter about this... But at least now i can genuinely say nice job. That's no small feat, and despite completely irrational jealousy, that's a solid bend.
how did you work up to it? how long did it take you?

I started in January, I bought a bag of nails from ironmind with my Christmas money. I also bought a bunch of timber spikes from the hardware store. The spikes were the toughest thing I could bend so after I bent most of the white and green stuff I worked on the spikes. Then I got some leather wraps and started bending twice a week, tuesdays and saturdays. I went to the yellow and blue pretty fast when the DO technique clicked in my brain. Then 60d's, 6" g5's, 5/16"hrs and crs, fbbc 7" square then 6.5" square and finally the red at the beginning of this month. Four months since I started bending.

I didn't do much for assistance, just bending helped the most. Some crushes with grippers, a bit of levering in the beginning, and recently some iso's with unfinished bends. Previously I did a lot with grippers which may have helped for holding onto the bar.