Recovering from colds/flu


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Jan 25, 2006
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I hate it, I was just sick for 8 days at the begining of the month, finally got my strength back and now I'm sick again. I try to keep a healthy lifestyle but sometimes lack sleep and have a surplus of stress. As athletes what can we do to avoid being sick and to quickly recover?
Wash your hands often, and avoid rubbing your eyes or touching your face when out in public. That is how you pick up 90% of that shit.
Grady said:
Wash your hands often, and avoid rubbing your eyes or touching your face when out in public. That is how you pick up 90% of that shit.

Sho nuff - when someone's got a cold, you know they are touching everything around them and "spreading the disease"

Like he said, wash your hands, keep your hands away from your face etc.

Supplementing with Vit.C has been proven to boost your immune system and keep colds away, and luckily enough, whey protein has shown to have some of the same immune-system benefits.

As far as sleep goes, if you're lacking, then you're not recovering, and you're leaving yourself open for viruses etc, so whenever possible, rest and recover to avoid overtraining.
I've found that I just about never get sick since I cut out grains and other very starchy, low GI type foods and incorporated lots of good fats like from coconut, olive oil, fish oil, and grassfed meats. These adjustments have literally changed my life as the winter months have always meant half a year of colds and flu for me.
I woke up Saturday Morning feeling VERY sick (sore throat, cough, the works). It was about 7am and I was helping a buddy from the gym move so I got about 10 pills of Vitamin C (500 mg each) in a bag and got a cup of tea for the road. I had a pill every hour or so until noon when I got back. I skipped training and took a 3 hour nap. I then proceeded to go the store and pick up "Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray". I had more tea and lounged around the house. I took a long ass shower then I went to sleep at about 10 and got about 12 hours of sleep. I now feel better within 24 hours. This was my quickest recovery time, yet.

Moral of my story: Get Cholaraseptic throat spray and spray 4-5 times (max) into throat every 2 hours, drink tea, vitamin C, rest, and shower. I have never gotten better so fast.
My gf usually makes me this drink which consists of hot water, honey, brandi, and lemon juice. I always feel better afterward. Without her I usually drink Dayquil or theraflu strips.
Lessen your intake of spicy and fried foods which can only aggravate you physically and mentally. Also, drink lots of fluids so you can (1) be hydrated and (2) flush out any remaining bugs in you.
I got back to training after taking a week off 8 days ago, last week went really well.

I went to a friends place sunday, turns out after I left he started vomiting and pooping a lot (I can't spell diaherra....well anyway). I went training mon and now, tues, I have just come back from work because I've been fucking vomiting since 11.

Anyone got any suggestions-I'm bringing up water even, if not after a few hours. Chewing on a 500mg vit c pill as I type.

I have a bloody fight on the 26th, so I need to get back to normal asap
Rest Rest and more Rest! Although it's sometimes difficult to know when it's okay to start training again. Lesson in truth: I had a bronchia infection. Got antibiotcs/meds, took them a week, and felt so much better that I went riding and to BJJ. Guess I pushed it too hard as relapsed and had to go back on antibiotics another week. Doctor grounded me, coach chewed my butt out, I couldnt participate in yesterday's tournament and it's taking me forever to shake it totally.