Recommend any books on heart prevention diets?

Discussion in 'Dieting / Supplement Discussion' started by Beisia, Apr 9, 2008.

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    I have heart disease in my family and was wondering if anyone could recommend a book they liked on cholesterol prevention and proper eating habits?

    I read Luk Cummos interview where he recommends a book: where he said " Lifefood is rocket fuel... but if you've got sludge in the engine you'll be running at less than optimal capacity. Jubb's Cell Rejuvenation, and specifically Lifefood Nutritional Fasting, is like
    taking your body to the shop and cleaning out all the built up crap that has been accumulating your whole lifetime". Sounds really interesting. But then I get scared off when he talks about his urine drinking diet.

    I really don't know what to read or how to start taking care of my diet for better heart disease prevention. Thanks guys.
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    I can't help you... but I can say this, I wouldn't take Luke Cummo's advice or recommendations on anything remotely close to nutrition or health. That's not to say he didn't recommend a good book... I haven't read it or looked into it.... but still, consider the source.

    We've got some very knowledgeable posters floating around though so hopefully someone can help you out.
  3. Gasmasker Guest

    Whatever you do, don't listen to Luke Cummo. There is plenty of good info on proper diets for cardiovascular health on the internet. Look to some reputable sources, such as the American heart Association, not some flakey b-level fighter who drinks his own urine (in other words, he consumes what the body is trying to eliminate).

    I read this recently and it is very informative:

    Also, if you have a strong family history of heart disease, you need a good doctor to keep an eye on you, periodically check your cholesterol, get a baseline EKG, etc. You need to be proacitve while you are still young and healthy especially if you have genetics working against you.
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    While I haven't read Taube's book yet, I've heard nothing but excellent reviews. There's two trains of thought regarding cardiovascular disease and prevention: that of the AHA, and that of researchers, educators and authors like Taubes. The AHA has been extremely slow in addressing proper diet, sticking stubbornly by the mantra of complex carbohydrates and high fiber, whole grain intake.

    Everyday there's new research regarding how high fat, low carbohydrate diets have far more efficacy in controlling blood lipid and insulin levels, yet for years the AHA screamed that fat was the enemy; they've even been recently criticized for "selling" their AHA label for "Heart Healthy Foods". The AHA does many things right (research, treatment, and eduction of advanced cardiac life support (ACLS)), but in the battle to prevent heart disease, one could almost take the conspiracy theorist's position and wonder what their anterior motive is.

    Now, this rant doesn't really address the OT's question; in fact, it makes it more confusing as to where one would gather the proper information. My advice is (as always) is to educate yourself on both sides on the coin, and understand the perspectives of the sources of information.

    Here's some I like; please note, though, this is the angle I lean towards.

    The Protein Power Lifeplan, Dr Michael Eades

    Mastering The Zone, Dr Barry Sears

    The Blog of Dr John Briffa

    The Blog called Hyperlipid (posts excellent research regarding high fat diets and the cardiovascular effects)

    Mark's Daily Apple (Blog of Mark Sisson, 50-something researcher/athlete/business guy. Loaded with great nutrition-related sound bites.)

    NHS Choices:Behind The Headlines, website devoted to breaking down current health-related studies into undertstandable pieces, and giving an opinion on the validity.

    Blog of Robb Wolf, owner of NorCal S&C, former biochemist, and hardcore Paleo-Intermittent Fasting advocate

    The Heart Scan Blog, of Dr. Dave Williams, Cardiologist. Lost of info on current cardiology practices coupled with proper heart-healthy nutrition.

    Google any of these and you'll find the proper link to explore for yourself
  5. Gasmasker Guest

    My opinion after having read several of those books, is that carb intake and thereby insulin levels must be controlled. However, for the average american reducing the amount and type of carbs eaten is very difficult. For most people if they could simply move their diets more towards what the aha suggests (low saturated fats, more complex carbs and fewer simples, more fruits and veggies, etc) they would be doing well.

    I agree, it can be quite confusing.

    And for the TS, its also important to realize that if has a bad family history, diet is only part of the answer. He needs a quality physician to work with him and monitor him over the course of his life.
  6. Beisia Guest

    Thank you!

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