Recommend a Creatine powder for me

Alright so what's the advantage of Creapure over regular ass Creatine Monohydrate?
So I did some research on Creapure etc, I'd really like to just buy the Creatine and not order it online because I want it ASAP. Can anyone think of any chain stores that carry Creapure? I'm gonna check GNC so I can see if it's stuff is made with it just in case.
Creapure is just a certification that creatine meets a certain standard, determined by the original marketers of isolated creatine monohydrate.

There are many companies that make "creapure" creatine. Find the logo for creapure online and check the back of the creatine product you are looking to buy for that logo. If the logo is there, it is creapure.
Well it doesn't seem like the GNC stuff is Creapure given the online label I read. However, when I read the label for the fruit punch flavored Creatine (unflavored label not available) it reads:

Other Ingredients:
Natural and artificial flavors
Citric Acid
Red #40

Since all of those are attributed to the flavor aspect of the fruit punch one, doesn't it mean the non flavored variety consists of only Creatine?
I know GNC isn't Creapure but I'm not too concerned with safety issues given that it's an extremely well known brand and if there were any negative effects we'd have heard about them.