Rebuilding Routine for 06'

Masakatsu Funaki #1

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Jun 2, 2002
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I am currently rebuilding my weightlifiting routine for 2006, and need a few suggestions. First off let me give you alittle information about myself. My height is around 5'8 and I weigh in around 164 Max. The only lifts I can truly give you maxes for would be bench (225), squat (315) and hang clean (225). The weightlifiting routine that I constructed has been doing me okay, but I dont feel like I am getting any stronger than what I have been. The reason I lift is because I want to get stronger for wrestling/judo, and I also want to become more explosive with my movements. I have been exlporing this site:

and have taken interest in the workout they have in the training portion of the site. The "Circuit Resistance Training" to be more precise.

What do you guys feel about that workout?
Fellow judoka here

IMO circuit training routines tend to lean a bit on the conditioning side. It depends what your goals are. I would personally focus on strength in the weight room and conditioning in dojo. If you think you need more cardio I'd definitely give burpees or the bear a shot.

IMO most important lifts for specifically for Judo are:

full contact twists
weighted situps
high pulls both from hang and floor
face pulls
one arm row
varied grip work

+deadlift squat bench and OHP caus that's the basics.