Raspberry Ketones - Verdict?

They seem to use it as an ingredient in a lot of fat burning type products now. I don't know anything about its efficacy though.
i dont know anything about raspberry ketones, however i will tell you this about supplements and supplement companies

they'll read a small study consisting of like a couple rats, or 10 humans, the study (which is preliminary) will state, for example, there is an association between raspberry ketones and an increased fat burning. this preliminary study shows that there should be more research into the effects of raspberry ketones on beta oxidation

a supplement company (or mass media ina more realistic settting) will read that small crappy report which never said raspberry ketones increases fat burning (read the thing i typed carefully), not take into account other confounding factors, and blast RASPBERRY KETONES BURN FAT! Scientists are usually alot less definitive in their statements than the media or companies that stand to profit. This is due to the fact they know about chance outcome.

one supplement company will start using/hyping it, people start buying, forcing other companies to also start incorporating it without knowing everything about raspberry ketones, its side effects and what it actually does.

soon it will be known as a benign supplement that doesn't really do anything, or worse, get raided by the fda for putting out false advertising or a harmful product (this happens alot believe it or not)
then the supplement companies will move on to the next great thing that will get washed out.

so unless you got money to burn, be vary wary of the claims of new expensive supplements. wait for them to withstand the test of time. usually they will be washed out cause in reality they are probably just useless pieces of crap.