Rashad would beat cain

Sounds like someone lives under a bridge and smells bad. They would never fight, being in different weight classes, and I don't think Rashad would stand a chance.
In the words of a notorious Detective:

Even though Rashad did fight at hw, it was only to be on the show. I'm more interested in calling for Cain vs Jones which I think Cain would win.
LMAO where do you come up with this nonsence
LOL use your real account and stop with the hate
Idiots are running rampant tonight.
Attention-seeking troll threads are usually the product of deeply seeded childhood insecurities.
No, but I think Jones might be able to. styles make fights.
Bones will school the Heavyweights.

His skills and techniques are on another level.

Youll see when the time comes...
Cain has a good 40 pounds on Rashad.

Would not be a good fight for him, and would not be the least bit competitive.

Cain is as good, or better, everywhere AND has a huge size advantage.

Rashadface 2.0