Rapheal Lovato Jr. blogged his training before the pan ams. (good read)

pretty interesting.

for those of you that don't know. Rafael won his 3rd gold at the Pan-Ams. he's really representing BJJ for the Americans.
wow. this board really disappoints sometimes. here is a link to, arguably the best american BJJ player, blogging his week leading up to his pam-am win and nobody responds. in contast the "will i be a wite belt for too long, even though i am not even tainging yet" thread has 4 fucking pages.
Its a good start, but I wish there were more details.
There's not a whole lot to talk about in the blogs.
"i'm upset I lost"
"I really wanted to win"

yeah, we're really in his head...
i was surprised to hear otavio souza beat him, otavio is smaller and was just promoted.
Otavio sometimes trains with us- fucking strong as hell (dude's like a small pelet of muscle) and although I'm not the best person to critique anyone's technique he seems to put up quite a good fight with Braulio and Victor... imho.
Cool man thanks for the post. Good read. Glad he escaped the triangle of doom!!!!
lovato seems to have a tough time against smaller technical opponents. regardless he's still probably the current no.1 american in the game