Rampage own`s a guy in MMA forum!

I read a thread over at the underground where Jackson was calling out everyone. He is a funny guy, and i have a feeling if the shittalkers actually showed up, he would slam them repetedly as he says
hard to decide wich one is better....the Barnett call or the Rampage call...............(still thinking)...........bwhahahahahahaha.........both are funny man......I imagine Jackson talking with the guy....and slamming him too......
whaa fuck? it says i don't have permission to enter the page!
The thread is locked or something...maybe at the request of Rampage.
Originally posted by LeftBench
It was removed by request of the topic starter. :)

Smart move...Jackson was pissed.
with thought of getting powerbombed repeatedly running thru his head, it's no surprise he would want it removed.
man, that was funny though.

Who is xxl graham and how did Rampage own him?!
Rampage`s answer was funny but i guess that would damage him with future plans.
Originally posted by The Ronin
man, that was funny though.

Who is xxl graham and how did Rampage own him?!

xxl graham was talking about Barnett problems with UFC and roids........Barnett read the post and invite the guy to meet him in UFC UK for a `friendly` sparring session.

the Rampage one was good too but better not repeat that again because of what Rampage say.
This is the guy Rampage owns. I was actually trying to be helpful and had the best intentions but because of something I didn't know about I ended up fucking everything up instead. And believe me, I feel extremely low about. Extremely low. People who know me know that the last thing I want is to mess anything up for anyone.

For all of you who will ask, I can't give any details on what I did because any mention of it could make things worse.

I did ask to have the thread removed before any further damage was done. Special thanks to LeftBench for helping to remove the thread so quickly. And sincere apologies to Rampage and his stand-up trainer who is a friend of mine and very nice guy.

I really feel like shit about the whole thing.
NP Rex.

Don't worry about it, I don't think you caused any harm now that it's gone.
God Damn this sucks...now I'm curious.
Honest mistake, Rexholio...you had some inside poop and you posted it - alot of people would do the same.

someone pls get that thread come on guys JAKE ?? SHOOTO ??

What the hell we should be able to see it i know i posted on that thread come on guys PLS PLS PLS PLS PLSPLLLEEAASSEEEE
i know it was the thread talking about how rampage was retarded or something where you all were talking shit about how he was goona get dropped in k-1

shit i cant beleive i missed this shit garbage i sit here telling you all thats my favorite fighter and the one fucking time he comes here i fucking miss it garbage F__CKING GARBAGE

sorry guys im pissed i missed that