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Aug 20, 2004
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I am thinking about moving down there to attend classes at Cal state.

Does anyone have any experience taking classes there? How would you rank it?

I am living in Los Angeles now and I can't stand it any more. The only thing that keeps me here is the awesome training. I have heard good things about SD, but I haven't been down there in years.

What is SD like as a whole? People, culture, population, etc... How is the pollution compared to Los angeles?

How about training? Anyone train down there? I've heard great things about Roy Harris, probably be checking him out.

And lastly, how about living cost? I'm paying $650 a month plus utilities to rent a 10X10 room here in the San Fernando valley. Whats it like down there?

Any help is much appreciated!!
San Diego is expensive as noted above. Far less pollution than LA though including gridlock although we are making good strides there to see that you spend extra time in traffic. I have lived here all my life.
There are many good places to train at here in San Diego, most anything you could want. If yuo looked hard you will find comprable rent to what you are paying now, PM me if interested in schools here.
I grew up in SD and moved to LA for college. I've now been in LA over 20 years. SD is a great city, but economic opportunity isn't quite as strong in LA in many ways. Housing is very expensive in both cities. SD is no more expensive to live in than LA. SD has a more casual demeanor, lots of military personnel, many good beaches, not as much culture, art, dining as LA, but few places do. It's a nice place to be all in all. Traffic is getting worse by the year in SD.
What type of training are you talking about? Sport, no gi, MMA, etc? And do you mean San Diego State? It is not called Cal State, one of the few CSU system schools with a different name. Fabio Santos is about 2 miles from the school. You can live fairly cheap in the college area and it has all you need.
maybe he means cal state san marcos? come by the boxing club in kearny mesa, we have muy thai with k1 fighter melcor menor, jiu jitsu/grapping with adcc champion dean lister, and great boxing instructors. 3 full boxing rings, everything u could want in a gym. its only 99 month,,,i think the only other place that could compare is city boxing in downtown and they are a lot more expensive, plsu u pay for parking there
San Diego is awesome..Yes everything is expensive but its great here...Beaches..Weather is fucking awesome and the girls are insanly hot..PLenty of Great schools here as listed above..Roy Harris..Fabio Santos..Dean Lister.
Don't you love it when a guy posts asking for info, and then never responds to all of the helpful posts?
Thanks for all the info guy's.

There are so many CSU'S to choose from, I didn't know San Diego sate was different, I wonder how that effects financial aid and what not....

I am planning a little trip down there soon to look further in to things. I was a little bummed to see San Diego state as far inland as it is, further from the beach areas I have been to. Is it still nice where San Diego State is? Lots of stuff to do?

I am going to look up Roy Harris first since he and I share the same lineage through the Inosanto Academy. I will also check in to the places you have all mentioned.

Thanks again for the help!!
If you live near SDSU there is tons to do since it is college. Roy's place is going to be far if you are a struggling student. 20 minute drive from door to door without traffic. Not sure how that is going to work out. There is San Diego State and CSU San Marcos as far as CSU's go in the county. The latter is nowhere even close to San Diego and devoid of all type of training.
And shitcan the beach idea right now. You cannot afford it unless you are rich or live 4 dudes per room. You can always drive there like everybody else.
And most importantly, the women....

I've heard good things in this dept. More than one person has told me that area is much better than LA when it comes to the females. More of them, less snobby, etc... Is there any truth to this?

I have seriously had enough of Los Angeles and I am looking to get the fuck out....
SDSU is the center of of females in San Diego! Well that and the beach. Seriously, the beach is a bike ride from state, wont hurt your training at all. Fabio Santos BJJ is almost within walking distance of state also.
The females here are amazing..I live downtown and I go out to the Gaslmap on the wekends or PB and you gotta pick up your jaw cause its fucking dragging on the ground..and you can easily go up and talk to any one of them..every one is real laid back
That's why it's been self proclaimed "America's Finest City" for many years.

Now if they could just get the city off the edge of bankruptcy, all would be well.
That's it, I've heard enough, I'm fuckin there!!

Seriously though, I will most likely go through with this. Thanks again for the info guy's.

And while I'm at it, does anyone train at Fabios's? Checked out his site and he looks to be awesome. I'll have to take a little road trip soon..... :D
I used to train at Fabios before I moved out of the area. You will not find a better instructor or competitor anywhere. Plus their team is bad ass.
Move to San Diego, it is better than LA in many ways, IMO. You will not have as many options as far as restaurant and entertainment, but you still have plenty of options. You also don't have any of the attitude that too many people in LA seem to have. San Diego is a much more laid back area. Bear in mind that you are still only 2 hours away, if you decide to go into LA for some reason it really isn't a bad long as you do it at the right time. Cheaper areas of San Diego are, obviously, a little further away from the beach than you may like, but UTC and Scripps Ranch are nice areas in their own right. But you can also find a cheaper place in Pacific Beach that will be within walking distance to the beach. PB is a great area if you don't mind a little bit of noise at night. It is a great party town with a good amount of bars and restaurants. The women are definately an upside of San Diego, but like LA there are quite a few ditsy blondes with upitty attitudes. City Boxing has a great gym in PB (on Garnett) as well as a school downtown. Rodrigo Medeiros also has a school there. Other great schools in San Diego or the surrounding area are Dean Lister's new place, Fabio Santos, Roy Harris, Carlos Valente, Odie Neto, and Marcelo Pereira.