Question on Squats


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Feb 4, 2008
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Recenty i've gotten back into squats. When i do squats with my legs fairly close together like i would with a body wieght squat my knee's pop like crazy on every rep. So i tried putting my legs a little further apart than shoulder width and that problem complete went away. The the problem is when i have them this far apart which isn't that far apart i only feel it in my hips and butt. The next day i was extremely sore in those areas, but not my quads at all. I'm thinking this may because my butt and hips are really weak compaired to my legs and need to catch up. I'm hoping this is what it is. What do you guys think?
Wider stance does indeed put more emphasis on the hips. But you shouldn't use pain as a measure of progress. As long as your squat is getting stronger, you're doing good.

If you want to work your quads as well, do front squats afterwards.
Ok. Yeah my squat is improving quickly but i'm not feeling it at all in my quads. I'm just not going to worry about it and eventally my hips and butt will get stronger so i can add more weight so my quads will be more challenged. I don't really feel it in my quads on the leg press machine, so it has to be because my weak hips
You're putting the bar in front of you so it changes the focus to your quads more than your hams/glutes. You can also try zercher squats and get the same results as front squats
How deep do you squat? If your squatting shallow that could be the reason.

Also your not using the shirley machine are you, just a barbell right?
Yeah i never use any machines. And yes i go very deep. I'd rather use lighter weight and go deeper and get a more full range of motion
I tried the machine to see if it works my quads more. Besides that i never use machines
In my eyes, if you feel squats in your quads, you're doing them wrong.
Paradoxically, if you feel squats in your eyes, you're probably doing them right.