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Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning Discussion' started by JayElliott, May 28, 2008.

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    I generally do my workouts Mon-Wed-Fri mornings: 20m of progressively-intense cardio (aeroydne bike or elliptical), then 10m shoulder rehab, three Olympic-style lifts, some core work, then some neck or grip work (depending on the day), then I stretch...I'm planning to add some a Tue-Thu morning routine of circuit training (tire flips, sledgehammer for core, heavybag picks, burpees, brick throws, etc) followed by wind sprints and then some swimming (during the summer months).

    My question is, with the strength component being present (in tire flips, core slams/sledgehammers, heavybag picks, etc.) in the Tue/Thu routine, should I re-arrange my weight-lifting exercises so that I cover them on Mon-Fri (rather than Mon-Wed-Fri) and have an 'off-strength' day for Wednesday (to give some more recovery)?
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    If that works better for you... yeah. Myself, I have two lifting, two grip, and three gpp days a week right now. Lifting, gpp/grip, gpp, rest, lifting, gpp/grip, rest. I do like preceding my gpp days with a lifting day because I feel like gpp/conditioning can usually suffer fatigue more than lifting can (hence the rest days before lifting sessions). So If I had to choose, I'd do lifting on mon-thursday, and medleys on tuesday-friday. But it's more about what works best for you.

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