Question for Cain fans

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Dec 23, 2012
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I have noticed that a lot (not all) of Cain fans like to say that the first fight "didn't count" or was "irrelevant" because Cain was neve able to impose his game on JDS but then they always predict Cain to take JDS down right away and smash him with gnp. My question is if the fight went like that (Cain taking JDS down and smashing him with gnp for the tko) wouldn't that make the rematch irrelevant because JDS never got to impose his game?

PS if the fight did go like that I wouldn't say that it didn't count, I would give Cain credit for his victory, something that most Cain fans can't do.
I haven't heard much people say irrelevant, except trolls. Most say not much can be determined by the first fight due to several variables. Including: the fight was very short and injuries plaguing both fighters, etc
To be honest, I haven't see any Cain fan say that, if they did chances are they were trollin'.
Id like to say ppl shud just stfu until after the fight but then we wouldnt get those hilarious failed threads getting bumped and we all could use a good laugh
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Matt Serras win over GSP counts but it would probably never happen again even if they fought 10 times
Translation: "i saw one poster say it before so i decided to make a thread about it"
I'm a Cain fan, I've never heard somebody say the 1st fight didn't count.
a lot of people are saying the first fight "didn't count" or was "irrelevant"