Question About Ouano Shooto Gloves


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Jul 21, 2005
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In talking with the trainer at my gym he said the only gloves allowed are shooto style gloves so I ordered the Ouano Shooto gloves. In the picture on the site there doesnt seem to be any finger loops. Can some explain if its just the way that they look in the picture and how the finger loops work?
If you look really close at the picture on their site you will see little finger loops.
So the finger loops are the little things sticking out alright I get it now thanks Ron.
They have leather fingle loops on the undersides of the gloves.They're good gloves.
I got my pair yestereday and rolled in them they worked in really quick and I was able to hit almost full force. I the padding is perfect and I landed so nice clean shots including a spinning backfist and I found it easy to sink in subs. Great Gloves IMO