question about fight shorts???


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Jan 3, 2006
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I'm a bigger guy and most companies i want to order from, the stuff wont fit.....where do i find fat kid shorts?????

not to be so vague...but i need a 44.....thanks again
One of the threads about the new Sprawl shorts says that they should work for the size you are looking for. Give Steve a PM.

I may have one Jiu-Jitsu Gear short left in a size 44.
Yes the New Sprawls which are dropping later this month will def fit you! Also XFGear does custom order on shorts. I, also, am a 44 and their XXXL shorts are awesome! I was supposed to get a pair of Nogi 40's because Chris said it would fit me, but I never got them prolly because of the incident on the board and Chris forgetting.
Also check out XFGear I know Paul has done custom sizes for several guys on this board, I'm sure he can hook you up.
Yep XFGear are making me a custom pair of comp style shorts it will take 4/6 weeks to make and be delivered mine cost $72 inc shipping to the uk thanks again Phen
No problem at all Sc0rpion! You won't be disappointed!
Underhook XXL will fit you most likely too and you can get it from Ron and
Phenom: We didn't forget about you. All shorts are pre-sale and won't be in until the middle of the month.

You're too big to forget.
;P Jeremy. I admit it, I am Big, big as in Sherdog Famous ;P
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I think he's huge everywhere.

Who told you? It's true, but I think you had a different meaning in mind when you wrote that wink wink :eek: :icon_twis