Question about conditioning (Kickboxing/ MT)


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Jun 11, 2005
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I am a grappler with very little MT /KB training. I want this to change in the future months when I have a less hectic work schedule. I do have a question though. By Feburary I would like to take Muay Thai and boxing. My brother takes Kyokushin. I only take BJJ right now, but once I start MT I would like to know if I can condition my shins/elbows at home without a heavy bag. I live in a rented condo and so I don't think my landlord would appreciate a hole in her ceiling, plus I don't have the space for a bag. My brother and I are thinking of just buying a 1. body / kick shield, 2. Thai pads and 3. focus mitts once I go to MT (we already have gloves) Basically whatever shit I get taught in MT class we want to review it at home using the equipment and ofcourse kick the pads/ shield a few hundred times. So the question is can I condition my shins as well if not nearly as good as if I use a heavy bag, using thai pads and shield (note, I will also be kicking the bag at classes 3x a week)? And since we plan on doing alot of sparring, will blocking kicks while wearing shin guards help condition them as well? Thanks guys. I emailed a champion MT fighter awhile ago, and I would like to know everyones' opinions on it.
to answer your question, yes, you can get relatively the same benefits as far as conditioning goes, from hitting thai pads if there is no bag around.

and using shingaurds during sparring also helps....(trust me, youll get bruises through the shingaurds anyways)

another thing you can do, since your brother is in on it with you, is lightly (LIGHTLY) stand in front of eachother and trade lowkicks back and forth, one kicks, the other blocks, then you switch legs......even doing this lightly, you will feel it for sure...especially if the kicks start to contact the same area over and over.
I wouldn't say it would be as good as a heavy bag but eventually, yes, those will help your shins out.
Going shin to shin hurts real bad. You dont need to work on your elbows much from what I understand. Read this

I have rolled my shins and it worked really good for me, but it says its bad so I dont know. Im not sure I should say what rolling is, but I will. You get something (usually a rolling pin) and put alot of presure on it while its on your shin and roll it up and down. It worked for me, but I dont know if you should do it. will make your shins tough as fuck.....and when you kicksome...its like having a pipe on your leg!
Thanks guys for the replies. I totally forgot about the stickie at the top, and for that, I apologize (too many guilotine chokes for me). Can't wait to start Muay Thai: even though I like to go to the ground, nothing is more satisfying than standing up and beating someone to a pulp (in the ring ofcourse) :D.
Muay thai is just so fun knowing how to do a kick that can knock someone out if landed almost every time.
Hey my advice would be to worry less about the shin conditioning at this point and more about the cardio. You're not going to spar on your first day. Start running and jumping rope so that you'll be in shape for the bagwork and padwork that will in turn condition your shins.